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The Importance of Using Engagement While Growing Your Community on Social Media

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There is a lot of talk about engagement on social media. While it isn’t something that all businesses do, engagement can be a very important element that will bring you closer to your audience and prospects, and earn you their trust.


Imagine visiting a Facebook page where you don’t really see any responses to comments, and the company that owns the page seems to only provide some basic information without really engaging their audience. Now think of a Facebook page filled with ideas and spontaneous posts from company representatives, as well as huge dialogues held in the comments between representatives and clients, and sections that are filled with surveys and contests, well-organized and always made to be engaging.


The difference is striking, and most people will not hesitate to stick around the second company, while only spending a few seconds on the page of the first one.


This simple reason is why engagement is so powerful. It brings customers, prospects and company representatives together in a more exciting and interesting setting, and it melts away the boundaries between them all, so everyone is free to discuss things in a friendly community.


If you want to build a community that respects you and comes to you with their problems, instead of just getting a customer here and there, then using engagement in your social media campaigns will be extremely important. So hire some of the best roofing SEO services available to get your engagement with your community up and productive.

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What You Have to Do When Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Getting Enough Traffic

Social Media Traffic Contractor Marketing

Boosting social media traffic is no easy feat if you’re a beginner, but it is something that every business owner has to learn to do, if they want to use the massive power that social media marketing can place at their fingertips.


Unlike with SEO, there’s no simple scientific way to get this done aside from using some tried and tested psychology and persuasion methods that don’t always work. What you can do, however, is follow some of the natural tips that most experts will recommend:


  1. Inspire and dazzle your following. Instead of trying aggressive persuasion tactics, try to inspire your customers with well-designed posts and dazzle them using your Instagram account.
  2. Also, informing your clients with helpful posts will quickly get the ball rolling and attract more clients, since you’re giving them stuff that they might have wasted countless hours searching for.
  3. Get to know your customers and reach out to them with empathy, as a real human being would. Instead of maintaining an aura of mystery and a kind of thick “shell” that you’d see around most businesses, open up to your clients and their problems, and aim to help them solve everything with or without your help. Your generosity will attract a much greater following than you ever thought possible.  For help with SEO and boosting your online presence, see Https://

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Evaluating Why Negative Reviews Aren’t Always a Bad Thing

Good Reviews Company With Roofing SEO

A lot of business owners believe that bad reviews will cause customers to leave them and join their competitors. So many of them do everything in their power to suppress 1 or 2-star ratings, or convince their customers to change their reviews. Some might even resort to bullying tactics, contacting their customers in private and angrily demanding that they change their reviews to reflect a more positive opinion.


Bad reviews aren’t always that bad, however; and if you’re an experienced business owner, you already know why. As your business continues to grow, no one will believe that it can’t have any negative reviews, so if you somehow manage to have all your customers’ negative comments deleted, a lot of eyebrows will be raised as to why you don’t have negative comments. Moreover, this dishonest practice will backfire when angry customers go to other sites to complain about you.


The presence of negative reviews, as an experienced roofing SEO company will tell you, will not only reflect a clear and honest set of opinions about your business’ overall performance, but also help you learn what your customers find dissatisfying. These reviews can offer a wealth of information that will quickly provide you with the inside scoop on what you have to change and why.


Then, as time goes by, you can continue to improve your products and services, while seeing an enormous growth in your approval ratings, as clients realize that you’re one of those few business owners who actually listen to what their clients have to say, and adjust their practice accordingly.


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How Should You Go About Merging Your Duplicate Social Media Pages?

Merging Roofers Social Media SEO

Depending on the type of social media account you have, merging separate pages for business purposes may be possible. As long as you’re the owner or admin of the social media pages in questions, some platforms will allow you to quickly and easily merge your accounts and add followers from an obsolete page to the one you want to continue using.


Sometimes, merging social media pages is necessary. If the mission and scope of your business changes, for instance, you might want to create an entirely new social media page and scrap all the old content you had on the previous one. To do that, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you through their customer support. As you request the merge, a representative will analyze your social media pages and help you get the process finished in no time.


Unfortunately, not all social media platforms support this type of change. On Twitter and Instagram, if you want to switch to a new page, you’ll have to set the old one as private, then adjust your bio to redirect people to your new account page, and possibly make announcements on your other platforms or even create a short YouTube video explaining the change and including a link to your new account in the video description.  For some of the best SEO for roofers look to the professionals.

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A Look at SEO and the Ever Changing Google Machine

Steps To Roofing SEO Plan

SEO continues to change as time goes by and the experts at Google keep finding new ways to refine and enhance the search engine algorithm used by the internet giant. While there might be a lot of search engines out there, Google drives basically all the changes on the SEO scene, with many of the others – including other giants, like Bing and Yahoo! – continuing to follow in their footsteps.


The idea behind roofing SEO seems simple at first. It involves a type of intelligent code that allows Google to crawl websites, find content and organize web pages based on their relevance pertaining to specific search results. As the algorithm that is used to rank web pages and place them above each other depending on specific search terms continues to change, a dynamic set of recurring shifts ensues that often turns the entire SEO world upside down.


The moment a major new change is applied to the Google algorithm, such as the first introduction of the content-based changes implemented a few years ago – which practically ended the era of spun, low quality content – everyone has to adapt or go home.


In many cases, you’ll find that keeping close track of what the ever changing “Google machine” is doing can help you get past your competitors and stay ahead in the race to SERP supremacy.

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