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Is the Hail Season the Best Time to Run Digital Ads?

Roofing Hail Season SEO Marketing Target

If you have a roofing company, you might wonder whether you should try to profit from the hail season and start running your digital ads and ramp up with a roofing SEO company to increase clientele. The thing is that hail is indeed the most talked about stressor that homeowners have to face when it comes to protecting and repairing their roofs. So, letting them know that you’re there to help them out will not only provide them with comfort and peace of mind, but also with a fast service they can call upon at a moment’s notice.


The reason why the hail season is so great for promoting yourself is that virtually all attention is on roofing. A lot of people will inspect their roofs or call local roofers to do it for them. Many will also feel like they are too busy to deal with so much stress regarding their roofs, so instead of dealing with it as a DIY project, they will pass any required repair to the fastest roofer who responds to their call.


The hail season is also a good time for marketing because that’s when all the storm chasers come to life. If you want to help your customers out, then it’s basically your duty to compete against storm chasers and show homeowners that they should rather choose a professional and dedicated roofing service that will actually help them out.


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When Is It the Right Time to Start Marketing a Roofing Company?

If you own a roofing company, then you might be wondering when the right time of the year is to begin promoting yourself. The fact of the matter is that roofers can work all year round, and for emergency roof repair for instance, you can get called in at any time even when it’s very cold.  For most roofing companies keeping up with roofing SEO for your business is a must year round, that way when the busy season comes you’ll be the one they find ranking first.


However, most of the time, promotional campaigns are best targeted at your main customers either around the beginning of spring or end of summer.


So, the summer is usually a time when most homeowners go on vacation, and even those who have time to remodel their homes will usually handle basic roofing tasks as DIY. However, in spring most homeowners will look for roof inspection services and repair companies to help them fix damages caused in winter. Also, during the fall, they will aim to repair or replace their roofs as soon as possible, since winter is coming. There is even a kind of urgency in that.


Roof replacement and installation services will also be quite popular at times when people tend to buy more homes. So you should definitely keep an eye out for clients and boost your marketing sometime between the beginning of April and the end of June, as that’s typically when a lot of people seek to buy new homes.

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Is It Better to Run a Digital Campaign on Yelp or Google?

Digital Roofing Marketing Online Campaign Strategy

Promoting yourself online can be a great idea. However, you have to know where to promote your company as well. Google and Yelp are actually both great options for being the main target of your marketing campaign. However, if you have to choose only one of them, then that should be Google.


While Yelp is great for reviews, and you should definitely have a profile there with a solid description, not everybody uses it. However, just about everyone who searches for service providers and products online looks for stuff on Google.


Whether you want to target older people who still use their home desktop to look for a contractor, or you have a retail business that targets young adults and teenagers, there’s actually a lot you can gain by focusing your campaign on Google. SEO can help you get organic searches, you can use a pay per click ad campaign to promote yourself in a more targeted fashion, and you can even aim to find more local customers with locally targeted SEO.


Moreover, if you do have a local business, you should know that Google Maps is one of the main ways people look for brick and mortar businesses in their areas. So, again, aiming for Google as the main focus of your online marketing campaign can definitely pay off.  Find some of the best marketing help through

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How Long a Response Do You Have to Submit to a Review?

Reviews Responding SEO Roofing Clients

Whether you promote your products or services on various review sites, or you have an app uploaded on a popular platform where you can be reviewed for your performance, responding to reviews is always a good idea. If you do, your customers will feel that you really care, and you’ll be able to win them over sometimes, even if they previously only gave you 2-3 stars out of 5.


One of the keys to writing an appropriate response to a review is keeping it simple, but saying a lot of relevant things with just a few words. It’s important of course to keep it relatively short – just 2-3 lines at most – and to be very polite and supportive.


For instance, let’s say that you’re providing an app on Google Play, and there is a negative review speaking about the app’s lack of proper navigation or slow functionality. Or maybe the person is just having a bad day, and has decided to give your app a stern review as a result.


These types of responses can easily upset you, but it’s important to remain calm while you write your reply to those reviews, as it will add to your overall SEO roofing strategy. First, make sure that your response is polite, and avoid being overly opinionated or preachy about the way that they can fix the problem potentially from within the app. Instead, try to be helpful, offer positive encouragement about using the app, and express your thanks that they were willing to use it in the first place.

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Should You Delete Your Negative Reviews or Hide Them?

Excellence Customer Review SEO Strategy RCM

Any service providers, or virtually any company for that matter, can have negative reviews. If you do, you’ve probably already wondered whether or not you should hide or delete them. The thing about negative reviews is that they can actually help in making you look like a real company with real people.


In most cases, when considering hiding or deleting reviews, the answer is actually “secret” option #3: respond to your negative reviews in a polite and helpful way.


It helps to take a cue from the most polite culture in the world: the Japanese culture. In Japan, if a customer is being critical at a restaurant, for instance, the staff will always respond in a positive, polite and even helpful way to try and solve what the problem might be – even if the client was saying a lot of bad things about the restaurant.


Deleting or hiding your negative reviews might show you as a “better” company, but it won’t help you get better results. However, if your responses are shown below the negative reviews as being polite and helpful, then they will actually disarm the negative comments. Even the most critical of prospects will look at them and say, “it’s possible that customer was exaggerating.”  For some of the best results look to companies like Roofing Contractor Marketing to help with your online SEO strategy.

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