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How Important Is It to Find a Roofing Marketing Company in the Same State?


You are comparing offers from two roofing marketing companies, and one looks more attractive than the other. But there’s a hitch: the company is located in another state than your business. Here is why you should hire the company in your state, even if it means paying more money:


  1. They Know the Local Market

Consumers have different expectations and respond differently to the same marketing messages in various US states. What a resident of Colorado will find a good selling point for a roof is not the same as what a resident of Texas would respond to. You need a marketing company that understands demographic and behavioral signals from customers in your area, not a different state.


  1. They Have Strong Media Connections

A marketing company usually establishes collaborations with media companies. They know the viewership/readership for different magazines, websites, TV and radio channels. Thus, they know how to select the best placements for your ads, so that they reach people who are interested in your products and services.


  1. You Will Get More Attention from a Dedicated Contact Person

A local marketing agency like Roofing Contractor Marketing will assign a person to keep in touch with you and be available for discussions even on a short notice. Large companies that work with out of state companies cannot give you the same attention and dedication. Plus, if they are on the opposite seaboard, you will also have to deal with time zone issues.

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How Do You Know If a Marketing Company Is Successful in SEO?

Do you consider hiring a marketing company to help you find more clients? One way of doing this is by creating an effective SEO strategy that will make your website easier to find on Google by potential customers.


But how do you know that the company you want to hire really knows everything about SEO for roofers and other industries? Here are some ways of finding out:


  1. Check Their Portfolio and Compare with Google Search Results

If the marketing company specifies various company names in their portfolio, find out what kind of products/services they sell and try to search for them using the keywords the average user would type in.


If you find that company among the first page Google results, you can be sure that the marketing company did a good job and you can trust them.


  1. They Can Explain Their Work Process in Simple Words

Many so-called experts hide behind jargons and acronyms to mask their incomplete understanding of the topic. True SEO specialists have no problems translating these terms into everyday words and helping you understand what they plan to do to make your website more visible on Google searches.


  1. They Will Not Promise Instant Results

If a marketing company promises that your website will be on the first page of Google search results in a matter of days, do not hire them. SEO strategies take time to show results – at least a few weeks or a month. Trying to hijack the way Google indexes websites (what these “miracle workers” do) will only get your website penalized and mean more work and costs for you to fix the issue.

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What Are the Top 3 Questions You Should Be Asking a Roofing Marketing Company?


Q&A Top 3 Questions Roofing SEO Marketing Services

Roofing services will always be in demand, and this is why there is such a high competition in this niche. People will always need a roof over their heads, so there are many companies offering their services in this field. In order to stand out among competitors, you need to work with a professional marketing roofing SEO firm to create a smart strategy for your roofing company.


Before you decide to hire a roofing marketing company, you need to ask them 3 key questions:


  1. How Much Experience Do You Have in This Field?

Many marketing agencies adopt a “one-size-fits-all” strategy for businesses in various industries. But a strategy that sells shoes or life insurance does not work for roofing businesses. You must make sure that the marketing company knows how your industry works, understands your target customers and can develop effective strategies to bring you more clients.


One way of finding out about their experience is asking them to show you examples of marketing campaigns for other roofing companies in their portfolio. Another is to ask them industry specific questions, such as how frequently do people repair/replace their roof.


  1. Are You Working with In-House Marketers or Contractors?

In some cases, marketing companies subcontract work to freelancers and independent contractors. While this is not a bad thing per se, there are more chances for communication channels to break down and get something different from what you wanted in terms of target audience, tone of voice and branding.


  1. Can You Also Do My SEO?

Professional marketing companies offer SEO (search engine optimization) services. SEO is a cost-effective method of ranking high on Google, as compared to paying for ads. A smart marketing campaign will attempt to attract both paid and organic (free) traffic to your website.

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When Is the Right Time to Start SEO for a Denver Roofing Company?

Right Time Hire SEO For Roofing Company

SEO is an essential tool for roofing companies that aren’t yet established as the best in their respective areas. If you are a contractor or you own a new roofing company in Denver, you’ll have to consider the right time to hire a marketing company for your SEO campaigns.


Considering the best time for finding a marketing and SEO provider, you should first think about when you’ll be starting work. At that time, your business should already have an adequate campaign that will be bringing in a lot of new customers. Such a model would take time to design and implement, especially since the best SEO campaigns are those that are entirely unique and personalized to the business they’re provided for.


Now, marketing firms already have standard services and tools they can help you with, but even if they only take a few days to implement them, a good SEO campaign will take anything from 2 weeks to more than a month to start showing results. So, taking into account the time you’ll need to research and find the best marketing company, you can look at anything between one and two months to set up a working SEO campaign for your company.


If you’re starting most of your work in March or April, then the best time for a roofing SEO company campaign will therefore be somewhere between January and February. Of course, you can also target your customers 1-2 months after that, especially if you want to get more exposure after the month of May, when a lot of customers are likely to need your services and other roofers have already spent a good chunk of their marketing capital.

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5 Questions to Ask a Marketing Company When They Take Over Your Social Accounts

roofing company marketing strategy

Marketing and SEO roofing companies will often act on your behalf in an effort to fine tune your online promotional efforts and make sure that your business gets the right type of exposure. However, before you give them the green light on all that, it’s very important to consider which company can actually help you out and which ones are just there to try to get as much money out of you in the long run.


To make sure you hire the best marketing firm out there, consider asking them these questions first:


  1. Are you licensed? Can you provide any references to showcase your work?
  2. What are the main activities you perform when taking over social media accounts to tweak and improve them?
  3. How long will it take to see actual, concrete results?
  4. Do you have a feedback and analytics method that can show you how leads and customers respond to your social media campaigns?
  5. How much will your service cost?


When inquiring about these issues, you will place the marketing company in a spot where they have to decide whether to be transparent or try to hide some information that you’re asking about. The best companies will not have to think twice when answering any of these questions, and they will openly provide you with the answers. Any situation where a company starts to dodge certain issues will already be somewhat of a red flag, so you should definitely use caution when dealing with them.

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