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Why Does a Roofing Company Need an SEO Company to Thrive?

Thrive SEO Marketing Company Initiatives

A lot of people these days use laptops and smartphones to find just about any kind of service you can think of. According to a recent survey, almost 70% of people actually just use their mobile devices to shop online, rather than opting for newspapers or even online ads accessed through a computer or a laptop.


This big shift towards digital content has roofing professionals a little confused, since many of them were used to promoting their businesses through conventional means for decades. However, if you want to keep up you simply have to consider some form of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) in order to promote your business properly.


Local SEO makes sure that your business gains recognition on the internet and has a solid online presence. If you want to make sure that people actually find your ads and online content, which will point them back to your website, roofing blog or social media account, you will need the help of a professional roofing SEO company.


Instead of letting you deal with the heavy lifting of SEO, an accomplished SEO company will do everything for you, including devising a sound, locally targeted SEO keyword strategy, creating SEO content, improving your onsite SEO elements and tracking the analytics of your business to adjust the plan as needed. With their help, your roofing business will get more clients than ever, and your profits will soar.

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Top Signs That Your Current Marketing Company Is Actually Failing You

If you have a business that needs to be promoted in a highly specific way or for a targeted demographic or area, you might already have hired a marketing company or a digital marketing professional to get that done for you. Sometimes, however, results are very slow to appear, and you’ll find yourself having to step up and talk to your marketers about the slow progress:


  • SEO does take a while to implement. However, if it’s already been more than 3 months and your business is not getting many more leads than when you started out, then that should act as a red flag showing you that something is seriously wrong. Consider confronting your marketing company about the methods they use to help promote your business and the reasons why results are taking so long to show up.
  • A digital marketing company that doesn’t communicate or fails to explain things in laymen terms is also a problem. Think of the progress you can make if your marketing experts could actually explain the intricacies of what makes your marketing plan better than others and what you can do to adjust your business so that you can get better results.
  • There are also subtler signs that your current marketing company is failing you, such as an inability to think outside the box and to keep up with new changes. A good marketing expert should always be on their toes and willing to tweak and improve the current plan to help their clients get the most out of it.  Find one of the best at

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What Are the Top 3 Services in Digital Marketing That Every Roofer Needs?

Top 3 Roofing SEO Marketing Services

Trying to promote your business as the best roofing company in town? These days you can’t really achieve that goal without a sound and solid locally targeted digital marketing campaign. If you want the best results, consider the following top 3 picks for digital marketing services every roofer should know about:


  1. Local SEO (search engine optimization) is probably the most important digital marketing method and service that roofing companies need. If you want to promote yourself in an efficient way, you can’t ignore the importance of hiring an SEO specialist for your roofing SEO services, tracking the feedback, searches and clicks your website gets, and using all that insight to create an improved marketing campaign for targeting local and mobile searches in your area.
  2. As mentioned, you might need a website to make your SEO campaign as efficient as possible. SEO works best if you have an actual landing page to promote, and to get a proper website for your roofing business, you will need the services and support of a professional web developer with good knowledge of SEO and web design.
  3. Consider using tools such as Google My Business to have a better grasp over your local marketing campaigns. Google My Business is a tool that enables entrepreneurs to create a unique business profile, track SEO data, generate leads, and much more.

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What Is the Difference Between Using SEO and GMB to Promote Your Business?

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) has been in place for a long time, and has undergone many changes throughout the past 10 years. From the implementation of the Panda and Penguin updates years ago to the more recent changes associated with Google’s algorithm, entrepreneurs have had to adapt to the formation of a veritable science before they could use SEO successfully to promote their business. More recently, the trend has been in place to hire professional SEO roofing experts and developers instead of working on SEO yourself.


GMB (Google My Business) has been introduced more recently to help business owners promote themselves more efficiently using Google. While the use of GMB has not eliminated the need for organic SEO, it has made everything much smoother when it comes to gaining more visibility, creating stunning listings and gaining access to valuable feedback.


Google My Business enables users to track the results of their marketing campaigns better, get valuable information about how their business is received and implement changes to draw in more leads and clients. However, in many cases you will find that there is a need for a more unique approach to promoting your business which requires SEO campaigns that go beyond the scope of GMB. As such, the best approach is to use both SEO and GMB to boost your marketing efforts and increase your sales.

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What Is the Best Way to Start Collecting Reviews on Google Customer Reviews?

online reviews roofing marketing company

If you just got started as an entrepreneur, you will want your business to be appreciated by the right customers and gain a good reputation, not just through your own marketing efforts, but through your clients themselves.  Companies like Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver know how to improve your ratings as well.  It’s good to note that here’s a big difference between a business that just promotes itself and one that is promoted by its customers, as the latter will usually receive a lot more recognition than the former.


Google’s Customer Reviews service is a free service that helps you get valuable feedback from people who have used your products and services. Using it is extremely easy. You simply have to sign into your Google Merchant account, select the “Merchant Center Programs” in the upper right corner, then click on “Get Started” in the part where it says “Customer Reviews.” The setup is straightforward, and you’ll soon be able to collect your Google customer reviews without any problem.


Some of the best practices regarding the use of Google Customer Reviews includes rewarding your clients and employees for writing reviews about your company and products, sharing reviews on social media channels, doing market research about the main preferences of your customers and making sure you include your reviews and testimonials on the main pages of your website.

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