Roofing SEO: Does It Matter?

Should You Invest in SEO?

Many roofing contractors have given up on the hope that SEO can help their business. The reason they gave up on SEO is they have been told (sold) that SEO can get them ranked #1 quickly and that leads will start pouring in. So they spend a bunch of money with someone who promised them the moon and it doesn’t happen. So they get mad and say “Screw it! What a waste – I got ripped off!” 

The truth is that SEO doesn’t work quickly or easily. It takes a very long time, it requires long-term strategic efforts and execution – and there is no finish line. You don’t “try SEO”. It will “try” you though!

SEO is the forever effort to keep up with your competition in a changing online landscape. It is like driving your truck – you have to get in it every day for work, you have to keep your eyes on the road, avoid potholes, mind speed limits, prepare for bad drivers, buy gas, and buy new tires – it is something you have to do.  Do you get where I am going here with this analogy?

SEO is something everyone has to do to stay competitive and stay in business. It is also complicated. And not everyone is good at it.

How SEO Works for a Roofing Company – or any other business for that matter

SEO is a process, not a product. SEO involves a mind-boggling set of variables that need to be organized, developed, and then constantly adjusted and added to.

The required ongoing SEO adjustments are due to two main factors:

  • Google changes all the time
  • Your competition is adjusting also

So we need to make moves in strategy and tactics based on Google and the competition. It is a never-ending game of cat and mouse. This is the way it is for now. Google dominates search and all your competitors want the same thing you do – more leads. So we have to invest in ongoing digital strategies to continuously build our strengths and positions.

SEO Variables That Need Careful Orchestration

Most people think SEO is just about your website. But it is not. Your website, and all its pages, are just one variable of the effort.

Important SEO Variables (just a few obvious ones):

  • Your Brand Strength
  • Natural organic direct traffic to your site(s)
  • Content on every website page on your siteRCM representative with roofing contractor going over SEO report.
  • Relevant quality backlinks to your site
  • Other online properties associated or connected with your business
  • All Google entities such as
    • Google Business Profile
    • Google Reviews
    • Google paid ads campaigns
    • Google Local Services Ads setup
    • Other Google entities
  • Reviews from other sites
  • Industry-related links from articles or content to your properties

This is a short list of variables. ALL of these variables and more need to be in order, and even at strategic places, inter-linked. They all need to be properly organized and optimized for maximum recognition from Google.

Important Variables for Roofing Company SEO Success:

1. Your Brand Strength:

A strong brand establishes your roofing company as a trusted and reliable source in the eyes of search engines. This is built through factors like positive online reviews, consistent messaging across platforms, and a commitment to quality service. Search engines see a strong brand as more likely to deliver a positive user experience, influencing your ranking.

2. Natural Organic Direct Traffic to Your Site(s):

Direct traffic indicates users who know your brand and type your website address directly into the search bar. This is a powerful SEO signal as it shows established trust and user recognition of yourGoogle Partner banner RCM Team company. Higher direct traffic can lead to improved organic search ranking.

3. Content on Every Website Page on Your Site:

Every page on your roofing company website should offer informative and valuable content relevant to roofing services and homeowner concerns. This includes targeted keywords, service explanations, blog posts on roof maintenance, and local project showcases. Search engines prioritize websites with substantial, informative content.

4. Relevant Quality Backlinks to Your Site:

Backlinks are links from other websites pointing to yours. Earning backlinks from high-authority sites in the roofing industry or local business directories increases your website’s credibility and value in the eyes of search engines. The more relevant and trustworthy the backlinks, the stronger the SEO boost.

5. Other Online Properties Associated or Connected with Your Business:

Having a consistent online presence across various platforms strengthens your brand and improves SEO. This includes social media profiles, industry association memberships, or local business listings. Search engines consider these associations as positive signals, indicating a legitimate and established company.

6. All Google Entities:

Optimizing your presence across Google’s ecosystem significantly impacts your local SEO success. Here’s a breakdown of key elements:

  • Google Business Profile: A complete and optimized Google Business Profile with accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information and positive reviews is crucial for ranking in local searches for roofing services.
  • Google Reviews: Positive reviews on your Google Business Profile build trust with potential customers and act as a strong SEO signal. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews.
  • Google Paid Ads Campaigns: Running targeted Google Ads campaigns can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, indirectly influencing SEO through user engagement metrics.
  • Google Local Services Ads Setup: Utilizing Google Local Services Ads allows you to display a verified roofing company badge in search results, leading to more qualified leads and potentially improving organic ranking.

7. Reviews from Other Sites:

Positive reviews from reputable customer review platforms like Yelp, Angie’s List, or HomeAdvisor add credibility and trust signals for search engines. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on these platforms to strengthen your online reputation.

8. Industry-related Links from Articles or Content to Your Properties:

Earning links from articles or content on reputable roofing industry websites is a valuable SEO strategy. These links establish your expertise and trustworthiness within the industry, positively impacting your search ranking.

Investing in SEO from Roofing Contractor Marketing is an investment in your roofing business’s success.

Google PPC roofing ads and Google roofing maps results on a Google search results page


Understanding Search Engine Results: A Roadmap for Roofers

Whether homeowners are searching on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, they are trying to learn more about roofing services, roofing materials, the insurance process, or trying to find local roofing contractors to reroof their home.

Grab your favorite search engine (Google is a good choice!) and type in keywords relevant to your roofing business. Try searching for terms like “roofing contractor [your city],” “[your city] roof repairs,” or specific services you offer. Does your roofing website appear in the results?

Let’s look at the different sections you see on a search engine page:

  1. Paid Ads: These are the sponsored listings at the top of the page, like digital billboards. While effective, they require investment.
  2. Local Pack: This box highlights three local businesses relevant to your search, offering prime visibility for local businesses like yours.
  3. Organic Results: These are the “natural” results Google deems most relevant, based on complex algorithms. This is where we want your roofing business to shine!

The goal is to have your website show up in the top 3 positions in each section on Google search results. Understanding the search landscape is crucial for optimizing your website and attracting more qualified leads. Stay tuned for further tips and tricks to help your roofing business climb the search engine ladder!

Fort Worth Roofing search results on Google

Key Roofing SEO Strategies: Climb the Ladder to Ranking Success

Conquering the competitive world of online roofer services requires the right tools and the right team. RCM uses these fundamental SEO strategies to help your website climb the search engine ladder:

  • Know Your Rivals: RCM will analyze your top roofing competitors’ online presence to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We learn from their successes and capitalize on their gaps.
  • Find the Right Roofing Keywords: RCM’s SEO staff will dive deep into keyword research to unlock relevant terms with high search volume and local intent. Our roofing SEO strategy targets the keywords that bring qualified leads to your doorstep.
  • Optimize Your Website: RCM will integrate keywords naturally, craft engaging content, and analyze and improve the customer journey.
  • Images that Speak Volumes: Don’t let images hold you back. Roofing Contractor Marketing will optimize them with descriptive filenames, alt text, and relevant sizes to boost your ranking potential.
  • Claim Your Local Turf: Local SEO helps you establish a strong local presence by claiming and optimizing your Google Business Profile, managing online citations, and encouraging positive reviews from satisfied customers. RCM is an expert at perfecting Google Profiles for roofing companies.
  • Technical Prowess: Ensure your website’s technical foundation is solid. Address website structure, internal linking, and crawling issues for smooth search engine access.

By mastering these fundamentals, you’ll lay the groundwork for on-going SEO success.

Advanced SEO Tactics for Roofers: Reaching Even Higher Peaks

Once you have grasped the essential elements, it’s time to scale new heights with advanced SEO tactics:

  • Content is King: Let RCM publish high-quality content that positions you as an industry authority. Blog posts, case studies, and informative videos attract organic traffic and showcase your expertise.
  • Build Powerful Connections: Acquire backlinks from high-quality websites relevant to the roofing industry. These connections tell search engines your website is trustworthy and deserves a higher ranking.
  • E-E-A-T: Google is looking for the best websites that match consumers’ searches. Google wants content that is a good Experience, that demonstrates your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and shows the Trustworthiness of the company. This is part of Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines—the handbook that real people use to evaluate the quality of search results.

By hiring RCM’s SEO team to implement these tactics, you’ll solidify your position as a leader in the online roofing landscape, attracting an ever-growing stream of qualified leads.

Interstate Roofing Website built by Roofing Contractor Marketing

Supercharge Your Roofing Website with SEO: Top Tips for Climbing Search Results

Ready to attract more qualified leads and boost your roofing business online? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your secret weapon, but it’s not about avoiding negatives – it’s about unlocking powerful positives. Let’s explore key SEO factors that will propel your website towards the top of search results:

On-Page SEO:


  • Let RCM empower your website with: High-quality, informative content rich in relevant keywords. Think blog posts that answer user questions, service descriptions that showcase expertise, and local guides that establish your presence.
  • Become a valuable resource: Create content that goes beyond just selling. Offer informative guides, answer common roofing FAQs, and share insightful industry updates.


  • Optimize your visuals: RCM can write descriptive filenames and alt text for every image. Consider image size and format for optimal loading speed.
  • Enhance user experience: Include relevant, high-quality images that illustrate your services and showcase your work.

Inner Linking:

  • Craft a seamless journey: RCM will create a clear and logical internal linking structure that connects relevant pages, guiding users deeper into your website.
  • Boost user engagement: Link to related services, blog posts, and resources within your content, keeping users engaged and exploring your expertise.

Off-Page SEO:

Backlinks (Link Building):

  • Earn authentic trust: Focus on acquiring backlinks from high-authority, relevant websites in the roofing industry. RCM can write guest articles, partner with local businesses, or participate in industry forums to earn natural backlinks.
  • Showcase your expertise: Collaborate with other industry players to co-create valuable content, like joint webinars or educational resources. This can naturally attract backlinks while establishing your authority.

Technical SEO:

Page Speed:

  • Prioritize lightning-fast loading times: Let RCM optimize your website for speed by using efficient coding, compressing images, and leveraging a reliable hosting provider.
  • Offer a seamless experience: Fast loading times improve user experience and are crucial for holding user attention and encouraging engagement.


  • RCM Designs for user delight: Make your website user-friendly with clear navigation, mobile responsiveness, and accessibility features.
  • Cater to everyone: Ensure your website is accessible to users with disabilities, using clear language, appropriate fonts, and alternative text descriptions for images.

Remember, SEO is a journey, not a destination. By focusing on these positive steps, you’ll create a website that attracts qualified leads, establishes your authority, and helps your roofing business reach new heights in search results.

Your Journey to SEO Success Starts Now

Ready to unlock the power of Roofing SEO for your business? Don’t wait any longer. Climb the ladder of search engine rankings and attract a steady flow of qualified leads with a winning Roofer SEO strategy. Contact us today and watch your roofing business reach new heights!

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