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Roofing SEO from RCM

How Well Do You Rank in Google?

You own a roofing company and you want a high rank in Google. Every business wants this. You need to at least be on page one to generate any leads from Google and you know it. But who do you trust to hire?

The truth is, success in Google ranking is difficult. Anyone who makes it sound simple and fast is not a good SEO. You probably get called or emailed every day by some SEO company telling you they can do it fast and cheap. Beware. Proper SEO is a marathon but it pays the greatest dividends.

SEO for Roofers is the foundation of what we do at Roofing Contractor Marketing. It’s THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE DO. RCM has been doing roofer SEO since 2007 for contractors all across the US. Some of our clients have been with us for over 14 years and they dominate their markets. Ultimately all local roofing SEO is about the roofing lead. Leads generated by strong search engine results are gold and will help you grow your business.

Roofing Company SEO

How Do We Do SEO for Roofing Companies?

Success at roofing SEO requires a very strategic, methodical, and long term effort. You need to be careful, and precise. Google rewards websites that do what Google wants. Giving Google what they want requires expertise, effort, and time. We will not promise you a fast result. We have talked to many roofers over the years who say, “I want leads right away”. That is not how this works. Our goal is to build you a solid Google friendly long term foundation that pays you dividends for years and years to come.

We Can Spy on Your Competition

With our array of analytic tools, we can see what every one of your competitors is doing with their website and also, what it will take for you to have success. Know this: your competitors want the same thing you do – Top Ranking on Google – so it will be a battle. The competition is fierce. So if you’re serious about this, be prepared to spend valuable money on a long term commitment. There is no quick fix with SEO for roofing companies.

Why are You Not Doing Well on Google?

Your current standing with Google is based on the many algorithmic signals your website provides to the Google bots. Your Google search results are determined by many factors. Some of the ranking factor signals are public by Google and many are secret to Google.

Google Ranking success criteria:
1. How tough is your competition?
2. How strong is your website’s content optimization?
3. How old is your domain?
4. Do you have bad links from a previous SEO company?
5. Do you have good links?
6. Do you have a strong local brand name?
7. Do you have any natural organic traffic?
8. Do you have duplicate content?
9. Do you have proper title tags?
10. Do you have a proper meta description on your pages?
11. Do you have proper page speed optimization?

These are just a few items to give you a sense of the complexity of real roofing SEO.

Roofing SEO Experience Matters

The good news for you is that most roofing websites, social media marketing efforts, and SEO are not exactly on target. Most web designers have no clue about roofing SEO strategies. They might understand “call to action”, logo design, or website design basics, but understand nothing really significant about SEO for Roofing Contractors.

It’s like asking a plumber to install a roof. Who does that? These are two completely different trades and specialties. DO NOT HAVE YOUR ROOFING WEBMASTER DO YOUR SEO. These are two different brains and skill-sets.

Who Do You Trust to Do Your Roofing SEO?

Roofing businesses are a very specific trade. While many roofers offer other services besides roofing, the core business is roofing installations. This is what people search for – “roofing company near me” or hundreds of other combinations of roofing keywords. The best SEO companies or digital marketing companies to talk to first would be those who specialize in your specific roofing trade. A roofing marketing company already understands your unique challenges and opportunities as a roofing company. If they are good, they are very interested in driving leads and sales, just like you are. Ranking for keywords that do not convert into leads and sales is of no value. Potential customers can be hidden in keyword research pockets that only a specialized roofing SEO digital marketing agency like RCM knows how to find.

Tip #2: Check out how they are doing for a few of their clients. The proof is in the pudding as they say (whatever that means!)

Proven Roofing SEO Strategies

Roofing Contractor Marketing has been studying Google for 14 years. Our methods for success are constantly evolving as Google evolves. The way we will optimize your website today is very different than years ago. Our competitive analysis looks at different metrics now. Our SEO methods are considered white hat, meaning everything we do is what Google prefers websites do.

To have success with Google, you need to know what they want. Google wants to deliver valuable accurate content to the searcher. There is no short cut – just understanding. They will penalize websites that use Black Hat SEO link building methods. Black hat SEO is what you get with companies that promise fast results at cheap rates. With cheap shady Black Hat SEO, you get what you pay for – but even worse, you endanger your long-term business potential. Google algorithms are very good at finding these unethical strategies.

Bad Reputations in SEO World – Like Roofing!

The SEO Agency world has a similar reputation as the roofing industry. It’s not good. The reasons for shady characters are the same in both businesses. No real qualifications to get into the business. Slick talking salespeople sell uneducated people their blind item offering. If you are being promised the world, be wary.

Roofing Websites Role in Good SEO

To rank in Google as a roofing company, you will need to do a lot of work. The competition is fierce. Many of your competitors have hired SEO companies, like RCM, to be aggressive in getting their roofing company ranked in the local google search results.

SEO is much more than just your website. It is not uncommon for an owner of a roofing company to assume that if their website looks good, they are done with internet marketing. But really, the website is just the start. It’s “the decking”, not the roof, so to speak. You won’t have a great roofing job completed with bad decking underneath – you get the point. The website is just the foundation, but it plays a critical role.

Website design is important too as it reflects your brand and it is the pivot point on which all the SEO efforts depend on. So you need good web designers for your website’s good looks but usually, it’s just for good looks. Good SEO needs much more than that. Remember this too – web designers are NOT SEO experts. They may tell you they know SEO but SEO is a completely different expertise.

The Importance of Google My Business

Google My Business is an extremely important part of your online marketing strategy and local roofing SEO. Your GMB listing gives Google the information it uses for your critical Google maps listing and Google reviews. Google is rapidly expanding this feature and you should be aware of what you need to manage. RCM does this for our clients as well.

Your Roofing GMB includes:
  • Google Maps
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Review Replies
  • Prominent Name Address and Phone Info
  • Products listings
  • Services listings
  • Areas You Serve
  • Highlighted posts
  • Photo Gallery
  • Free Website
  • Access to Local Service Ads
  • Notifications of changes
  • Google Ads access
  • Google Analytics on organic traffic to your GMB

Each one of these bullets listed above could be a seminar topic at the International Roofing Expo. Google has these items inside the GMB with a specific purpose. Those businesses that maximize this free service can stand to reap tremendous rewards. SEO is involved extensively inside the Google My Business listing as well. It’s the language Google understands and you need to speak it. Or at least hire someone like RCM to maximize this Google Local opportunity for you.

Reputation Management and Google Reviews

Google reviews are the gold standard of valuable reviews. It’s the first thing you see in the Maps 3 pack. Your average score can be the difference between lots of leads and no leads. Your reputation management efforts will pay great dividends for years to come. Pay bonuses, encourage all your employees to ask for a review.

Google Guaranteed – Local Service Ads

The Local Service Ads category is relatively new. These are the three boxes you see at the top of a search result. Getting involved requires you to submit paperwork to Google that verifies your business ownership and background. Google Local Services Ads operate differently than regular Google Ads. Google Local Services ads are pay per lead – not pay per click. Pay per lead is much more valuable than pay per click. The challenge is Google serves your ads when it feels like. You can’t ask them to display your ad with any specific regularity. This can be frustrating to a roofing operator. They are nice leads when you get them, but you can not steer the campaign.

Roofing Websites Content Importance

Google reads words. Google can not understand pictures. Search engines like Google look for words that match the search query. The goal Google has is to provide great content to the searcher. Great content is content that delivers the most relevant, meaningful, authoritative, and trusted information. Giving Google this type of content is not easy to do – especially when you are a local roofing company. What can you really talk about as a local roofing company?

Optimized content is our job. We know how to write content that Google finds to be valuable and that they will place in the organic searches. Writing about roof repair on a roofing web page may seem mundane to most, but the value Google assigns is what matters. As content marketers, this is what we understand. This is called onpage optimization. Well-optimized content doesn’t appear unnatural – or stuffed with roofing keyword sentences.

How Important is Social Media?

Social media serves a specific purpose when it comes to roofing companies. It most often used to “Build a Brand” Social media marketing is the intentional effort to drive business through paid social media campaigns. Strategies for roofers in social media include offering free roofs for needy homeowners, for example. Social media efforts work best when the business is passionate about the cause.

Great Social Media Example

One of our long term clients in the Dallas Fort Worth area has built a wonderful social media presence with their Roofs for Vets program. It was driven by their strong personal desire to help needy veterans. They love it and it helps build their local brand. Social media does not necessarily directly drive leads, however, it can build your brand in a good way. If you want leads, Google drives leads.

Organic Searches on Mobile Devices

Google looks different on your phone. There is less space for Google to display things so the user experience is totally different. The results pages are stacked vertically, so lots of ads are featured very prominently. As a user, you have to scroll down to get past the ads – we all do it. This is an important consideration. How does Google display your business when someone searches your name? You do have some control over this if you know what you are doing.

rcm potential clients

Your website should also look different on a phone. Mobile-friendly versions of your website should automatically be delivered with a properly built website.

Technical SEO

There is a lot of minutiae we will not go into here on this page because it’s technical and might seem like we are showing off or talking over your head. SEO geeks love to talk about this stuff but most other people shake their heads and say “Go do what you do – just get me ranked” We get it.

Our job is to help you grow your business, not teach you SEO. Offpage SEO is part of the technical side of SEO. This involves finding link opportunities, citation management, blog post strategies, or analyzing your website’s traffic in Google analytics for hidden opportunities, and many other opportunities for advantage.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn for Local Roofing SEO. It is a lot of non-stop work, but it’s the only way your site will show up on the search engines.

Natural Results vs Paid Ads

Do a little research and you will quickly find that most people only look at the Top 3 organic results on Google or any other search engine. Look at your own behavior when searching on Google. If you don’t like the results, you rephrase your search. But you rarely go to page two…right? There’s a lot of research that proves this point. You MUST get to the top of the natural results if you want internet leads. Online marketing from RCM can get the job done for you.

For those not familiar with “Natural Results” or “Organic Results”, these are the results listings that begin on a plain white background, below the results marked “Ads by Google”, which are paid results. These are the “real” results we all know are the best. Not the paid spots on the top and bottom, but the main body of the page where the Top Organic Results are listed.

Why Trust RCM to Do Your Roofing SEO Management?

RCM is a roofing vertical specialty SEO agency. We are roofing marketing specialists. We have been doing this for over 14 years. There is a deep knowledge of the roofing industry with us. Our team has been together for many years so each person you interact with understands what you’re talking about – we get roofing but we also get local SEO.

RCM uses White Hat SEO strategies. From the initial strategy session to years down the road, the team at RCM will take your business seriously and with careful attention. We will keep you up to date on a regular basis as your website progresses on its path up in Google. Our best clients look long term and seek a marketing partner they can trust now and into the future. Our long and strong relationships are the foundation of our business.

Here’s our Call To Action:

Call us for our free offer. RCM offers a FREE analysis of your website and your market. This review will tell you how you stack up against your competition. We will also identify problem issues that will hold you back and how we can fix them. It’s free knowledge with no obligation. Call us at 888-474-7276.

Roofing SEO Campaigns

Roofing SEO campaigns can include several different targets. Many roofing contractors serve many cities. Each city is its own campaign and requires a specific campaign. For each campaign, we will need to optimize your website on different pages. The results pages and potential conversion rates for each target will be different – requiring slightly different tactics for success.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site or a web page (such as a blog) from search engines via “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results as opposed to search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.

The higher a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will likely receive from the search engine. A complete roofer marketing SEO plan may target different kinds of search, including different cities, keywords, image search, local search, video search (video marketing), and industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives your web site a web presence and keywords rankings on many sites for maximum benefit to you.

Ultimately, as an Internet marketing strategy, great SEO strives for a complete search engine optimized website that is better than your competition and more trusted by Google. When fully initiated, your website’s traffic and conversion rates should improve dramatically with time. Optimizing a website primarily involves maximizing its on-page SEO, link building, HTML code, and associated coding to both increase its relevance for Google algorithm of specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ What is roofing SEO?

Roofing SEO is the process of optimizing a page of content on a roofing company website or other listing so a search engine will index the page at the highest possible ranking.

✅ How do I find a good SEO company for roofing?

The best way to analyze an SEO company is to check out some of their clients. If their clients are doing well, they are likely a good SEO company.

✅ What does roofing SEO include?

As a business owner, you will want your website optimized for your desired keywords. This can include many pages of your website. You will also want your Google My Business listing optimized.

✅ Is a roofing SEO company worth the expense?

The value your roofing SEO company provides is in lead generation. Over time, your internet leads ROI should exceed your SEO investment.

✅ Can Roofer SEO improve my Google My Business listing?

Yes. Your Google My Business listing should be optimized. There are many areas inside your GMB that should be developed by your SEO company.

✅ Can SEO help me get more leads?

Yes. This is the ultimate goal of all SEO efforts. When your listings appear high in the search results you have a greater chance of a lead.

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