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Welcome to Roofing Contractor Marketing.  We have been helping roofing companies build their roofing marketing strategy on Google since 2007. We have clients that have been with us for over 12 years because we are good at what we do and we are trusted partners.

We can help you have success on Google. We will build a powerful “Google Strategy” customized just for you. Do you have a Google strategy? Most roofers do not.

Long Term Success on Google

We can help you build a long term successful presence on Google. The SEO marketing effort is not a race, it is a marathon. If you are looking for a quick hit (buying leads), we are not for you. If you want to build a successful roofing business that generates strong revenue each year, let’s talk.

Google is the most influential part of your marketing.

Facebook is fine, but it won’t drive great leads as Google can.

What is your strategy on Google? Most roofing companies do not have a plan specific to Google – but they should.

Here’s why: Google is the primary research tool for all Americans. They don’t go to Facebook to find a local company. They don’t go to Yelp to find a roofer! People go to Google first for contractors. If you need someone to help you fix a problem, you go to Google. You do the same thing.

Google is always developing new products that you need to maximize to get more leads.

Here’s your Google To-Do list:

  • Google My Business listing maximized and optimized
  • Great reviews on Google – and lot’s of them
  • Google Maps SEO
  • Google SEO for organic ranking
  • Local Service Ads “Pay Per Lead” campaign
  • Get Google Guaranteed Badge
  • Paid Ads “Pay Per Click” Campaign
  • Google Display Ads Campaign
  • Analysis of your Google Search Console
  • Website Page Speed Analysis and Optimization

This list is just a short description of some opportunities that need to be worked on non-stop. Every one of these bullet points can make you money when executed properly. This is what we do at RCM. We do roofing websites and other marketing support, but all of these are designed to convert a Google searcher to call your roofing company.

With the COVID situation, door knocking has become more of a challenge. Your digital marketing efforts just got WAY more important. This is what we do. We help your roofing company build a cutting edge online marketing strategy to drive business.

We Are Old School and Bleeding Edge Tech

Since 2007 RCM has helped roofers compete on Google – so we have been around awhile. “We’ve seen a thing or two”. We know what works and what does not. We also are continuously testing new strategies and tactics on Google. We are on the leading edge of innovation because it’s required to stay on top.

A complete strategy includes Google rank, Local Service Ads, Google Reviews, Social Media, pay per click, and other media to drive inbound leads. You have a million choices to piece your plan together and it’s all pretty confusing. Our role is to make it simple for you so you can sell roofs.

We help roofing contractors win on Google. We are a roofing marketing company that is highly specialized in local market lead strategies for roofing contractors. This includes all things Google, like Google Maps, Google My Business, local roofing SEO, video marketing, roofing directories, driving website visitors, pay per click ads, and analyzing your website’s traffic for continual improvement and success. We help you get leads from Google. You know ranking in Google is important.

Custom and Complete

We develop a custom comprehensive marketing strategy for lead generation and execute that strategy for you every year. Since 2007, Roofing Contractor Marketing has been a roofing industry leader and innovator in roofing SEO, roofing websites, Pay Per Click campaigns, Reputation Management, and now, Local Service Ads in Google.

Roofing businesses often contact us to get started after hearing us speak at roofing shows and through word of mouth. It starts with a call to us and a strategy session to meet the team and design your plan.

Roofing Marketing Requires Keeping Up With Google

If you want to generate inbound leads from your website, RCM can help. Your greatest roofing marketing challenge is keeping up with all the changes. This is hard for us and impossible for a business owner. Building a complete online marketing presence requires careful daily execution and experience to do it right. This is why we get hired. RCM provides Full Service Roofing Marketing Experts who develop and execute your marketing plans for you. We have hired all the experts so you only need to hire us for your marketing efforts.

We Have Your Marketing Manager Right Here

You can have your entire marketing plan underway with your own roofing marketing director. Roofing web designs, Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business optimization, social media management, video marketing, reputation enhancement and so much more. RCM is ready to help you get your marketing strategy organized and executed.

Roofing seo for all search engines.

Roofing SEO for Google

SEO for roofing companies from Roofing Contractor Marketing provides the initial building blocks to generate more roofing leads and long term search engine results. Contractor SEO is a difficult competitive business and it requires careful planning, careful execution, and patience to show up for organic searches. We have clients that have been with us for many years and that has paid off for them. Our track record of keyword rankings can be demonstrated in our strategy session call to talk with us.

SEO for roofing companies is usually very competitive. To get found in Google searches you need to have excellent SEO strategies, including both on-page optimizations, off-page SEO, targeted meta descriptions, title tags, engaging content, and good quality links to your website from roofing directories and others. Google ranks websites that their algorithm finds to be the best for their ranking factors. Google Analytics will give us the data we need to push search rankings, map listings, and more to find the potential customers you need from your SEO campaign. Local roofing SEO, when executed properly can help you grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO campaign will be complicated. There are many moving parts. To start, we will conduct an SEO audit and competitive analysis. We will conduct research to discover your roofing SEO keywords with our Google keyword planner.

SEO Analysis – What is required for success?

We will also analyze the current strength of your website in Google. Do you have onsite SEO, google tag manager, roofing keywords, will you need link building for more links to your website, and do you have proper meta descriptions? These are the easy things to spot.
– Our competitor analysis will show you the strength of your competition.
– Finally, to build our strategy for you to win, we will utilize the Google Keyword Planner.

This keyword research will tell us the best organic searches with the most volume. We will also identify the good quality content other local roofing companies might be using. Keyword research is the foundation for your website’s content. It’s also how we will judge our search engine results.

Using our roofing SEO white hat best practices we have clients ranking on page one of Google—from big cities to small, from Denver to Dallas and beyond. RCM is deeply rooted in the roofing industry, we know how to get roofing SEO results for your roofing company and how critical the Internet is to your lead generation. As a Roofing SEO Company, our very strong record of top-ranking successes can be demonstrated to you in real-time.

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Roofing website design

Roofing Web Design by a Roofing Marketing Agency

Do you like your website? Probably not. Strong roofing websites need engaging content, onpage optimization, and call to action. Do you get online leads? Your website is important but often times consumers will call you long before reading more than a paragraph of your website. Your website is only one element of importance, as with each passing day consumers shift more and more to many online sources for everything.

SEO for your roofing website is more important than the website itself. Great reviews are more important than your actual website. Few people remember roofing company names. So you need your company to show up when people are doing a local search. Top roofing websites have great search results and they quickly demonstrate that the company is professional, well-run, and trustworthy.

Keywords rankings and great reviews are critical for your online success, where consumers are on guard against the “shady roofers” famous for ripping people off. This is a real challenge for the roofing industry. Most prospects who search roofing websites will want your website’s content to show that you are legitimate and trustworthy.

Free Website Audit

We have the experience and a vast portfolio of roofing websites that show we know how to build powerful websites for roofing companies. Our web developers incorporate several critical components into your optimized website, including conversion rate optimization, quality content, meta descriptions, title tags, google analytics to analyze ranking factors, and much more for the long term and short term success. It all starts with a free website audit. Give us a call to learn more about our roofing websites and how we can help your company dominate your market.

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Roofing social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing

RCM helps busy roofing contractors build, organize and maintain an active and interesting presence on the major social media marketing sites – including Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We take the burden of posting something of value to your social network. We help you build your social network and we manage your social media marketing every day. Learn more here about Social Media Marketing from RCM and how we can help you complete your internet marketing strategy. [Read more…]

Roofing Contractor Marketing

Digital Marketing for Roofing Contractors

Digital marketing is primary to your online presence and long term company growth. A really good roofer marketing plan is not too complicated but it requires daily attention, monitoring, optimization, and hands-on experience.
One call to RCM will do all this for you. We can manage the complete marketing tactics and strategy for roofing contractors to succeed on the internet. We help you with Website designs, reputation management, Facebook ads, paid ad campaigns, search engine rank improvement, social media strategy execution plus many other tactical options like video marketing, radio and tv campaigns, logos, jingles, and more.

Meet the RCM Team

Our offices are located in Denver Colorado. Our web developers, SEO experts, project managers, and account managers all share the same location (when it’s not COVID world! We are working successfully from home during the pandemic.). Your account is personal to us and we take great care to deliver the results you need to grow your business.

Most contractors we talk with are not pleased with companies like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and others. They have tried a lot of companies already. Marketing success today is really all about getting in front of the buyers who are searching on Google. This is done with an engaging and well-optimized website, a completely optimized Google My Business listing, lots and lots of great reviews, SEO strategies, and super-efficient paid ad campaigns. Your marketing efforts in these areas will help you build trust with your customers and Google. Ultimately it is all about the roofing lead. Your online marketing campaigns and the leads generated will help you grow to that next level you have targeted and generate the needed leads, whether residential roofing leads or commercial roofing leads for your roofing company.

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