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Roofing Contractor Marketing for Commercial roofing leads

The Big Money in Commercial Roofing Starts Here

Commercial roofing leads can be huge money makers for a roofing company. However, getting the commercial roofing lead is a big challenge – it’s like mining for gold. Commercial roofing leads will not just show up at your door. You need to go find them and start a conversation. This is where we do our work.

At Roofing Contractor Marketing we take a “Whole Package” approach to develop these sales leads for our clients. Roofing Contractor Marketing can provide you with the complete system to develop and grow your lead generation for commercial roofing work.

Commercial Roofing Lead Generation – The Whole Package

RCM team members working to help drive commercial roofing leads for our clients

Team RCM

The “Whole Package” to generate commercial roofing leads includes the following:

– A Roofing Website with good strong messaging and content for commercial roofing

– Proper Google Optimization so you show up for commercial roofing searches

– A strong Review portfolio

-A robust appointment setting telemarketing effort targeting building managers and owners

Telemarketing for Commercial Roofing

Telemarketing for commercial roofing leads is big business. If you are serious about growing your commercial roofing business, you need to begin outbound calls to establish relationships with building managers and owners.

Commercial roofing leads are developed, NOT found. 

Telemarketing to Homeowners

Telemarketing to homeowners is much different than outbound efforts to Building Managers and Building Owners. Homeowners are quick to get on Do Not Call Registries to protect from over-solicitation. The desire for homeowners to not be bothered by solicitors has seriously challenged this side of the residential roofing telemarketing industry. As a roofing contractor, access to homeowners in a storm-damaged area is invaluable – which is why roofing contractors need to have a comprehensive Google strategy in place. Telemarketing for residential is not as effective for homeowners as it is for commercial roofing.

The Complete Solution to Grow Your Commercial Division

Roofing Contractor Marketing has the complete offering to cover Commercial Roofing leads and residential roofing leads. We have continued to seek out the best in the industry and have found a company we co-brand with and have seen credible results with excellent client feedback.

Call us today to learn more about our complete strategy which includes telemarketing tactics.

Commercial roofing lead generation experts RCMThe Whole Marketing Package From RCM

At RCM, we believe that a strong marketing attack includes these fundamentals:

  • A great-looking conversion-oriented website
  • A strong presence on Google
  • A proactive marketing strategy to get in front of buyers to generate leads

With a strong internet presence and ongoing commercial roofing telemarketing campaigns, your roofing company is now in a position to establish top-ranked brand awareness in the target market – which may include telemarketing. Now the tactics of increasing traffic and building brand name awareness for long-term success come into play.  Contact RCM to learn more about how you can build a comprehensive strategy to win new roofing leads.  Call 888-474-7276 or fill out our quick form.

Roofing Contractor Marketing has been working with roofing companies since 2009. As a comprehensive solution, RCM works with roofing contractors to build a market-leading presence on Google. RCM also partners with specialists in areas like B2B lead generation which includes outbound tactics for hard-to-reach customers like building managers and owners. If you are looking to build your commercial roofing business, we can help you get in front of new leads. Call today to learn more.

Appointment Setting for Commercial Roofing

Do you have an outbound appointment setting system in place to generate commercial roofing leads? Probably not. Very few roofing contractors do this. We have your telemarketing outbound calling division of commercial roofing experts ready for you today. This is turn-key for you. We charge by set appointments. We discuss the criteria you want for your leads.  We then set out to find the prospects and engage them in conversation. We set the appointment and you send your team to begin the relationship.

“We Open, You Close” – What We Do

Here is what our Commercial Roofing Pay-Per-Appointment Program will do for you:

– Conduct introductory prospecting calls to qualified decision-making individuals

-Experienced US-based specialists engage in the art and diligence of cold calling

-We determine interest and need to hold a face-to-face meeting

-We work as if we are part of your company

-The goal is a qualified face-to-face appointment for roof inspections and evaluations

-You pay only for appointments

All appointments include:

– Roof Type

– Roof Size (minimums required)

– Age

– Known issues

– Last inspection

– And more.

There is quite a lot of upfront work and communication required to get your program underway. Call us and let’s talk. This is the best way to find out if we are a good fit or not.

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