Google Maps Optimization for Roofing Companies

The Google Maps Local 3-Pack is the place to be for your online presence and the following Google Maps local SEO optimization tips will give you an idea how to get there. The maps results  or “Local Pack” are more prominent than ever – especially on mobile phones. Consumers rely on this Google Maps feature to quickly find a contractor near them. Reviews are listed, roofing business names, location, phone numbers and websites are listed. On mobile, a simple click-to-call feature connects homeowners to contactors quickly..

Here’s the big problem: As a roofing contractor, you are usually an unknown entity for the searcher. Most people do not know a roofer. Since there is a low consumer awareness, your placement on the maps is super important. The problem is there are usually only three visible spots at first glance. A savvy consumer will know there is a whole list of options if they click on the “More Businesses” button – but this is more rare than regular. This all leads to emphasize the importance of strong placement in the coveted Local 3-pack of map listings.

Local 3-Pack on Google search results

Why Google Reviews Matter for Roofing Contractors

Forget the stereotypical “rough around the edges” image of roofers. Today’s successful roofing contractor is a customer-focused business professional. But how do you bridge the gap between perception and reality, especially when replacing a roof can be disruptive and messy? Enter the power of the 5-star Google review.

Why are Google Reviews so important?

A trustworthy first impression: In an industry where trust is crucial, positive reviews act as a digital handshake, putting potential customers at ease before they even call you.

Credibility booster: Think of online reviews as social proof. A string of glowing testimonials showcases your expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, setting you apart from the competition.

Lead generation powerhouse: Positive reviews not only build trust, they also attract new customers. Studies show that potential customers are more likely to choose a business with higher star ratings and positive reviews.

One bad review? Don’t sweat it. Every business encounters unhappy customers. But don’t let a single negative review define you. Here’s the secret: 10 positive reviews can drown out the noise of one negative one. By actively encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews, you can build a strong, positive online reputation that reflects the quality service you provide.

Building a Review Arsenal: Go beyond Google

While Google Reviews are king, consider diversifying your review portfolio. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive feedback on platforms like the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Facebook to further solidify your online presence and credibility.

Remember, stellar customer service is the foundation of a strong online reputation. By focusing on exceeding expectations and actively encouraging satisfied customers to share their experiences, you can transform your roofing business from simply fixing leaks to building a thriving enterprise.

Interstate Roofing Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is Social Media for Roofing Companies

The Google My Business platform has evolved a lot recently. Business owners should be paying attention to this opportunity. It has been renamed Google Business Profile and now includes content opportunities like Facebook for social media interaction. Google is encouraging local businesses to speak to their local market through posting, offers, photo sharing reviews and more. Google’s business as a search engine is evolving from simple website listings, to enhanced listings that are more interesting to view, read and interact with. Google Business Profile is an opportunity to grow your business. This isn’t pay per click Google ads. You can claim your listing for free.

Google Maps for Roofers

Google’s map listing is the most valuable piece of real estate for a roofing contractor. Be forewarned: Optimizing your Google listing requires a substantial effort and some knowledge of roofing SEO. The Google Business Profile dashboard is where you will begin to input all your roofing company information. If you maximize this information, your chances of getting a good rank on Google organic searches and maps goes up exponentially. RCM are experts at optimizing your GBP listing to improve your rank.


Here are 6 items to optimizing your Google Map Listing

  • Correct and current Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP information)
  • Make sure your listing is Verified with Google
  • Get reviews from customers on a regular basis
  • Respond online to each review – show your personality
  • Add tons of photos into your profile – show off and share your experiences
  • Post regularly about events, new jobs and special offers

Google Local 3-pack for Kansas City Roofers


SEO Elements to Consider for Your Google Maps Optimization

Local search engine optimization is very important for roofing businesses. There are important SEO strategies and variables to consider, manage and be careful of too. On-page optimization for roofing keyword placement, local link-building, link-building through roofing directories and other roofing websites, website audit, web designs, website traffic, conversion rates and so much more all play into your search results, SEO analysis and online marketing results. Roofing keywords need to be incorporated into your Google Maps content, as well as many photos or your roofers in action or of your roofing products. You also need to list all of your services, products, and certifications. An SEO company, specialized in SEO for roofers, like Roofing Contractor Marketing can handle this for you. We can even implement call tracking for your analytics.

If you’d like some help getting all your business information organized for better Google search results, well this is what we do. We help you get in front of people searching the GBP listings.  We would welcome your call to help get it organized.

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