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Google Maps Optimization for Roofing Companies

The Google Maps 3 Pack is the place to be for your online presence and the following Google Maps local SEO optimization tips will give you an idea how to get there. Ranking on Google maps – to be the top roofing company listed is a coveted position. The maps results are more prominent than ever – especially on mobile phones. Consumers rely on this Google Maps feature to quickly find a desirable option to call for their need. Reviews are listed, roofing businesses company name, location, phone number and website are often listed. On mobile, a simple click to call feature gets the job done ASAP.

Here’s the big problem: As a roofing contractor, you are usually an unknown entity for the searcher. Most people do not know a roofer. Since there is a low consumer awareness, your placement on the maps is super important. The problem is there are usually only three visible spots at first glance. A savvy consumer will know there is a whole list of options if they click on the “More Businesses” button – but this is more rare than regular. This all leads to emphasize the importance of strong placement in the coveted 3 pack of map listings.

Google Maps optimization tips for roofing companies.

Google Reviews for Roofing Contractors

Roofers have a horrible reputation as an industry. Most states have no licensing requirements. The roofing industry has a history of attracting uneducated and unfortunately unsavory characters. So the consumer is naturally wary of doing business with a roofing contractor. Let’s face it, it is a difficult job, replacing roofs. It can be a very messy experience for the building owner with the construction end of it. Commercial roofing deals with hot tar at times and other messy products. The roofing crews require very hard working tough people to get the job done.

The roofing companies you see highlighted in “Roofing Magazine” as the most successful do not look like “Roofers”, they look like business people. These are the successful business people who are focused on the customer experience, not being “roofers”. Knowledge and experience are part of the package, but developing raving fans is what it is all about.

The 5 Star Google Review is the most valuable asset a roofing contractor can produce. No matter how perfect you are, eventually you’ll get a crank who will give you one star. You need 10 five start reviews to wash away the one star crank. Leads generated by great reviews are invaluable. You are already qualified in the consumers mind. Reputation management is an entire industry now. It is recommended that you get reviews on many locations besides Google. The BBB (Better Business Bureau), Facebook and others can be beneficial in the long run for you.

Google My Business is Social Media for Roofing Companies

The Google My Business platform has evolved a lot recently. Business owners should be paying attention to this opportunity. The Google My Business platform now includes content opportunities like Facebook for social media interaction. Google is encouraging local businesses to speak to their local market through posting, offers, photo sharing reviews and more. Googles business as a search engine is evolving from purely data lists spit out based on Google searches, to enhanced listings that are more interesting to view, read and interact with. Google My Business is an opportunity to grow your business. This isn’t pay per click or google ads. You can claim your listing for free.

Google Maps for Roofers


Googles map listings is the most valuable piece of real estate for a roofing contractor. Be forewarned: Optimizing your Google listing requires a substantial effort and some knowledge of roofing seo. The frustrating part you will have as you being this process is the random roofer or other business names listed in the Google map listings that are not even in business anymore… Google has some work to do still on cleaning up all the data but it vastly improved.

The GMB business dashboard is where you will begin to input all your Google My Business profile company information. If you maximize this information, your chances of getting good rank on Google organic searches and maps goes up exponentially.

SEO Elements to Consider for Your Google Maps Optimization

Search engine optimization is a complex operation for roofing businesses. There are many SEO strategies and variables to consider, manage and be careful of too. Onpage optimization for roofing keyword placement, local linkbuilding, link building through roofing directories and other roofing websites, website audit, web designs, website traffic, conversion rates and so much more all play into your search results, SEO analysis and online marketing results. Roofing keywords need to be incorporated into your Google Maps content, as well as lots of photo’s, products content and images, services content and images and more. An SEO company, specialized in seo for roofers, like Roofing Contractor Marketing can help you facilitate all this work – after all, it is quite a lot to keep up with.

5 Keys to Google Maps Optimization for Roofers

Here are 5 Key Take Aways to optimize your Google My Business Listing

  • Correct and current Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP information)
  • Make sure your listing is Verified with Google
  • Get reviews from customers on a regular basis
  • Respond online to each review – show your personality
  • Add tons of photo’s into your profile – show off and share your experiences
  • Post regularly about events, new jobs and special offers

If you’d like some help getting all your business information organized for better Google search results, well this is what we do. We help you get in front of people searching the GMB listings.  We would welcome your call to help get it organized.


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