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Roofing Contractor Marketing teamRCM was founded in 2008 after founder Greg Hoffman began working closely with a Denver area roofing contractor and recognized the need and opportunity to help other roofing contractors nationwide.

The rapid success of this local Denver roofing company demonstrated to Greg that a creative and aggressive comprehensive marketing strategy could be extremely powerful in generating leads and sales for roofing companies. From this, RCM was born and many years later RCM continues to grow nationwide.

Greg is a regular speaker and attendee at most of the major roofing industry events, including the International Roofing Expo (IRE), Best of Success, and others.

RCM offers a unique marketing perspective for roofers – offering years of experience and knowledge of the challenges of roofing contractors. There is no other marketing company with as much experience helping local roofing contractors as Greg Hoffman’s team at RCM.

Roofing contractors of all sizes work with RCM in many different ways. From a simple website to complete commercial roofing leads campaigns, RCM has the capacity and experience to get the most for your marketing dollar. Give us a call to share with us what you are looking for and we can discuss ideas to help you get there.

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