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No More Door Knocking. Now What?

Door knocking is over. Your Google strategy just became your most important lead source.  The good news is right now – you are looking at RCM,  a true authority in roofing digital marketing. This is what we do and have specialized in since 2008. We always knew Google was important – but we did not predict a pandemic that would eliminate door knocking.

RCM team members

Team RCM

What Next?

What are you going to do now? First, you can call us and find out. It’s all we do, so we understand what needs to be done now- customized for your situation.

Here’s how we start with a new client:

  • We analyze your situation.
  • We analyze your competition.
  • We build a custom plan just for you.
  • We work your website, your Google ranking, your map listings, your reviews, your paid ad campaigns, and more.
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RCM at the IRE

Why use RCM?

We are a complete marketing fix for roofers. We don’t sell widgets or one-time magic solutions – you get those companies bugging you all the time. What we do is put the whole thing together for you. You have a million marketing options to consider but it’s confusing. We do all that and then execute it for you – as if you had a full-blown digital marketing department in-house.

We have clients that have been with us for over 10 years. We become trusted experts and friends to handle this part of your business.

When you sign on with RCM, you get a team of people who come to know you, your style and your goals. We are a custom digital shop. Small enough to know you personally, big enough to have a full marketing staff with years of experience in roofing marketing

Start with a Free RCM Audit that Includes:

  • A Complete Marketing Analysis
    • What we like
    • What you need to add
    • What’s broken behind the scenes (code, forms, etc)
  • SEO Analysis – A Google rank review
  • Social Media Analysis – ideas for improvement
  • Reputation Analysis – first impressions
  • Ideas to turn more visitors into leads

Call us right now or fill out our form. No pressure, no hype – just good advice. Thanks!


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