Marketing Company for Roofers: What To Look For

If you are searching for a marketing company for your roofing business, this article is for you. Marketing for roofers is both a complicated science and an art. This article will talk about why it makes sense for a roofing contractor to choose an experienced marketing company that specializes in roofing marketing.

Roof with hail on it. Roofing Marketing strategy for hail stormsMarketing for roofers is specialized, complex, and requires previous experience. The science and art of marketing include things like your messaging, timing, reputation, visibility on Google, and strong salesmanship when the lead comes. These elements, some science, and some art, all combine for success in a roofing contractor’s marketing strategy.

A good marketing company for roofers must carefully blend the science of marketing with the art of marketing. Let’s look at what these are.

The Science of Marketing for Roofers Includes:

  • Everything Google
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is the science of optimizing your website content and structure. Good roofing SEO will help your site rank higher in search results forFort Worth Roofing search results on Google important keywords like “roofer near me”.
    • Keyword Research: This is the science of finding the words people are using in your city for roofing services
    • On-page optimization: Is your content well written and integrating important keywords properly?
    • Backlinking: Backlinks signal trust to Google. High-authority backlinks improve your rankings with Google.
    • Google Business Profile: This is an extremely important free profile that Google provides. This needs to be fully optimized. This is where your Google reviews are displayed also.
    • Pay Per Click Campaigns: Pay Per Click Ads Campaigns are complicated to execute. Google offers “Done for You” campaigns but they are not at the level of execution required to be successful in a competitive environment. You need an expert to do a professional roofing pay-per-click campaign.
    • Local Services Ads Campaign: The Google Guaranteed Local Services Ads program is highlighted at the top of the page for roofing searches. It is valuable real estate for roofing contractors. Success in this area requires strong optimization across the entire Google ecosystem, a strong review portfolio, and attention to budgeting and keeping your Certificate of Insurance up to date.
  • Website Pages, Site Structure, and Functionality
    • User Experience (UX): UX is the process of building your website so it is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and functions well on all devices (Desktop, mobile, tablet).
    • Mobile-Friendly Design: A large percentage of online searches for roofing companies happen on a mobile device of some sort. Your website needs to adjust and present your offers on a smaller screen.
    • Clear Calls to Action: Tell visitors what you want them to do. For a roofing contractor, this means calling for a free inspection or scheduling an appointment with a form submission. You need to ask for the action.
  • Reviews Volume: Reviews are critical to your long-term success. The largest, most successful contractors online are also leaders in reviews.  Positive reviews on Google, Anges List, Yelp,  and others build trust with potential customers.
  • Directories and Citations: NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency across online directories like Yellow Pages, HomeAdvisor, and industry-specific sites like Owens Corning, GAF, etc is crucial for local SEO. Make sure it is all consistent for maximum benefit.

Interstate Roofing LogoThe Art of Marketing for Roofing Contractors Includes:

  • Branding: Building a brand is huge for roofing companies. Trust is very important in the roofing business and a big brand emotes trust very quickly. People trust things they are familiar with. Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight.  This is an ongoing effort that takes years. There are several basics that every contractor should implement to build their brand. Many of these basics are found in the most traditional of locations – that includes truck wraps, and yard signs. and traditional media like outdoor billboards, radio ads, and TV spots.
  • Messaging:
    • Clear and Concise: Your messaging, which includes website copy, brochures, and more, needs to be clear and concise.  People do not have time to decipher complex messages. Present your good offer and services in straightforward language that people want.
    • Benefit Oriented:  Focus on how your roofing services benefit the homeowners. Address the problems they are facing head-on ( leaking roof, hail damage, missing shingles) and demonstrate how you can take care of this issue.
  • Visuals: Take a lot of pictures and videos! Using your images and videos helps customers understand what you do and they see you in person taking care of the work. Showcase completed work, and feature happy customers you work with.
  • Ad Copy: Compelling ad copy grabs attention and entices action. Highlight unique selling points that you offer. Use strong verbs and action-oriented language.
  • Ad Placement and Timing: Target the right audience on the right platform. This is an art form but it is also highly scientific. Research is required to find the proper places and messaging to hit your target, but the words you choose to entice action are the art form.
    • Retargeting: People need to see or hear a message multiple times before taking action. This goes back to the value of brand building. If a person sees your ad multiple times, they become familiar with your company brand. Retargeting allows you to show your ad multiple times to users who previously interacted in some way with your brand, keeping your brand top of mind when the time comes to make the call.
  • Non-Digital Brand Marketing: Traditional media like postcards, flyers, truck wraps, yard signs, and more, can be very effective for targeting specific neighborhoods and building your brand.
    • Truck Wraps: This is self-explanatory and common in the roofing business. This is your mobile billboard.
    • Postcards and Flyers: Target mailers with specific offers and promotions can reach targeted homeowners at the perfect time after a storm.
    • Yard Signs: More billboards – your yard sign is an ad for your business. Make it jump!
    • Billboards: This is just an option for long-term brand building. Billboards get seen. If your billboard matches your yard signs, your brand is extending and growing.
    • Radio & TV: While expensive, radio and TV still pack a punch when implemented properly and with a long-term plan for building your brand.Roofing Contractor Marketing logo

Marketing Company for Roofers: A roofing marketing company will employ many of the tactics listed above.  They will already understand your business and have the experience to know what steps to take. The marketing mix is a careful blending of these elements that leads to success. Some contractors need to do these on their own initially since it is not cheap to hire a professional marketing agency to execute your plan. But if your roofing company is at the place where you need to take it to the next level, a marketing company for roofers might be the right choice to consider.

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