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The Secret Behind Video Marketing

Solutions Video Roofing Contractor Marketing

Video is among the most efficient channels used by marketers today, a tool that engages user attention for the duration of the clip and efficiently creates contact between the marketer and the customer. Here are some secrets to creating high-quality, convincing video materials and to using the materials efficiently:

  • Tell a story – there is no better way to get close to others than to tell a relevant story about yourself. Your story, accompanied with compelling images and graphics, will allow you to connect to your targeted audience and to encourage communication;
  • Raise attention during the first few seconds – you have only about 8 seconds to convince the viewer of your video to continue watching, so use that time wisely. You can use that time to provide an overview of what the rest of the video will contain;
  • Use social media to reach out to more people – social networking platforms are excellent for distributing your video content and for maximizing your reach. Most platforms allow you to customize the group that can see your video, so use that feature, too;
  • Prepare a video that is compelling with the sound off, too – many users view video materials on mute, so use graphics and easy to understand images in your videos.

For help with your online presence, search out the professionals at Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver.

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How To Get Your Roofing Company To Stand Out With Images

Standout With roofing marketing

People are visual beings, they process visual information better than text. This also means that the saying that an image can speak a thousand words is hundred percent true, especially in the case of roofing contractors, whose work is evaluated mainly but looking at the results. If you already have a roofing website and you are looking for efficient ways to use images for driving traffic toward your website and to attract new customers, here are some tips for you:

  • Get the image quality right – one of the most common mistakes that can ruin your efforts to make your business stand out through sharing images of your work is to use poor quality images. Always use pics of the highest quality and always test how they are displayed for your users;
  • Dedicate a separate page to your project pictures – allowing the visitors to your website to see your before and after pics in one place has a strong impact and is very convincing. It is recommended to combine your images with text, but let your pics speak for you;
  • Use your photos on social media – social media profiles are great for driving website traffic, so make the most of them by sharing your images via your company profiles.  For more on this see

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What Is a Google Algorithm?

Algorithm SEO Marketing Roofing Results

If you are currently in the process of creating and launching an online marketing campaign or stronger SEO for roofers and other businesses, you have probably encountered the term Google Algorithm already. Here are a few things that you should know about the term:

  • The definition – an algorithm is a set of rules written for performing a certain task;
  • How Google algorithm takes that definition one step further – Google uses an extremely complex and frequently changing algorithm to serve the purpose of making the results to the searches launched by internet users relevant. While Google does not make its algorithms public, what we know is that they order the hits on results pages based on the occurrence of the search term in strategic parts of website contents, such as the headers, they evaluate the number of organic links toward the site and they also assess how responsive the website is (how seamlessly it displays on mobile devices as well as on desktop computer screens).

The evaluation, though very complex, is performed by the search engine incredibly quickly. The algorithms are also changed quite frequently, that is why website rankings might also take very short to change, but they are always influenced by the quality of the contents published on websites.

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How Can Targeted Ads Truly Help a Trustworthy Roofing Service

Targeted Marketing Roofing Contractor

So you have a roofing service, and you want to gain the most exposure you can, in order to drive traffic and find clients through online sources. This is a worthy prospect, and it can actually help you get a lot more profit without actually buying expensive ads.


Targeted online ads can do it all better and at a much lower cost than regular ads. All you need is to do some research and figure out the best types of ad templates and keywords to use in order to promote your business. Search engines and social media platforms will use your keywords in order to pair your ads with the right audience, so pay special attention to that. This is especially important since, as a roofer, you will be targeting local customers in particular.


Depending on whether you want to focus on a smaller or larger area, you might find targeted ads to be more or less efficient. Also, considering your demographics can be an essential matter, since it will help you determine exactly what section of the population you will be catering to and how your ads should be designed to approach them. Your best choice in this regard is to contact a dependable local SMM and search engine optimization team such as Roofing Contractor Marketing to help you with your targeted ads.

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Aiming for the Most Significant Trends in Digital Marketing for Roofers

Aiming For Trends Roofing SEO Marketing Services

Digital marketing trends have to do with the way in which you promote your business online utilizing professional roofing SEO services. Even though it’s not always a big factor when deciding on whether or not you’ll get more clients, it can definitely help to ride the wave of digital change and use the most significant digital marketing trends for roofing to your advantage.


What you have to remember first and foremost is that the digital marketing trends actually change with the roofing industry trends in the specific segment of the market that you are targeting. A good example is when a new type of material or a new technology appears on the market. Most of the time, when that happens suddenly, roofers and marketers will waste no time and start talking about them as part of their digital marketing campaign. Since it’s a hot new topic, it can get you a lot of exposure, even if you don’t actually promote or sell those types of roofing products.


It can also happen that there are new digital marketing trends that impact all industries. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates a few years back are a good example, as they helped pave the way for a new age in digital content marketing, which changed the way roofers promoted their information and skills online.

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