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How Can Targeted Ads Truly Help a Trustworthy Roofing Service

Targeted Marketing Roofing Contractor

So you have a roofing service, and you want to gain the most exposure you can, in order to drive traffic and find clients through online sources. This is a worthy prospect, and it can actually help you get a lot more profit without actually buying expensive ads.


Targeted online ads can do it all better and at a much lower cost than regular ads. All you need is to do some research and figure out the best types of ad templates and keywords to use in order to promote your business. Search engines and social media platforms will use your keywords in order to pair your ads with the right audience, so pay special attention to that. This is especially important since, as a roofer, you will be targeting local customers in particular.


Depending on whether you want to focus on a smaller or larger area, you might find targeted ads to be more or less efficient. Also, considering your demographics can be an essential matter, since it will help you determine exactly what section of the population you will be catering to and how your ads should be designed to approach them. Your best choice in this regard is to contact a dependable local SMM and search engine optimization team such as Roofing Contractor Marketing to help you with your targeted ads.

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Aiming for the Most Significant Trends in Digital Marketing for Roofers

Aiming For Trends Roofing SEO Marketing Services

Digital marketing trends have to do with the way in which you promote your business online utilizing professional roofing SEO services. Even though it’s not always a big factor when deciding on whether or not you’ll get more clients, it can definitely help to ride the wave of digital change and use the most significant digital marketing trends for roofing to your advantage.


What you have to remember first and foremost is that the digital marketing trends actually change with the roofing industry trends in the specific segment of the market that you are targeting. A good example is when a new type of material or a new technology appears on the market. Most of the time, when that happens suddenly, roofers and marketers will waste no time and start talking about them as part of their digital marketing campaign. Since it’s a hot new topic, it can get you a lot of exposure, even if you don’t actually promote or sell those types of roofing products.


It can also happen that there are new digital marketing trends that impact all industries. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates a few years back are a good example, as they helped pave the way for a new age in digital content marketing, which changed the way roofers promoted their information and skills online.

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Getting a New Blog: Why Are Blogs So Important for Roofing Websites?

New Blog SEO Roofers

Owning a roofing company can be a hassle when you have a lot of work to do. Maintaining your online presence can therefore be left on the backburner in many cases, so you’ll end up wondering why it is that, after a long project where you weren’t able to market your business, you end up without any new clients.


The answer to this problem is a simple one: get a blog, and provide a hired freelancer or a writing service with some basic information you want on it.  It’s one of the answers to questions on how to improve SEO for roofers business.


Getting a new blog can greatly benefit your roofing website, since you can add information about your service and links to your website throughout the content. Since your blog will likely receive more online exposure than your website, due to the higher volume of newly updated content, it stands to reason that it will help your online presence grow more easily, and it might even increase your customer base in the process.


Having a blog will also give you a chance to showcase your knowledge by tackling difficult issues that homeowners and business owners might have – such as how to correctly perform DIY roof repair, what to look for in a professional roofer, and how to find the best materials for a brand new roof.

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How Digital Marketing Can Help with the Roofing Storm Damage Market

Roofing SEO Digital Marketing Help Tips

The roofing industry is peculiar in many ways, two such aspects being that bad weather for a roofer is actually an opportunity to get new customers and that the consequences of bad weather also gives roofers the opportunity to help people get their lives back by restoring the integrity of their homes. However, to be able to do all that, roofers need to be able to get through to potential customers and that is when digital marketing comes handy – here is how to use it:

  • Create an attractive website and optimize it for search engines – analyze the keywords that your potential customers use the most and use them on your website. Also pay attention to the contents of your site – they should be free from errors, responsive and they should inspire trust;
  • Define your targeted segment – create the profile of your ideal customer and tailor the messages you send through your ads campaign or via your social media campaign to make your target group trust you and resonate with your values;
  • Local optimization – roofing is very much a local business, so make sure your campaign is targeted towards your specific geographical area;
  • Establish yourself as a helpful expert – provide small, but valuable extra features on your website, such as the integration of storm alerts and weather forecasts.  You can also find a roofing SEO company that is the best in the business to do the work for you, so you can focus on your business.

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What Is A Marketing Plan?

Roofing Contractor Marketing Digital Marketing

Behind every successful marketing campaign there is a thorough marketing plan – here is an outline of what that plan should look like:

  • A roadmap for reaching out to potential customers – the development of a good marketing plan starts with the analysis of the company’s actual situation, followed by determining the goals to be achieved and selecting the method to be used for achieving them;
  • Defining your audience – to be able to speak to your audience in a convincing manner, you need to know exactly who you will be talking to. Try to create an accurate profile of your ideal buyer and figure out how to talk to that buyer in a convincing way;
  • Determine the strategies and the tactics – once you know what you want to achieve, it is time to find the tools. Determine what channels you want to advertise on, when is the best time to place your ads and also define whether you want simply to tell potential customers about your products and services or whether you want to reward them, too;
  • Implement and test – create and launch your ads based on the guidelines you have established for your campaign and monitor the results to make sure you marketing mix includes only tools that work.  Get started today, contact

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