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How Efficient Is PPC for Targeting Local Customers Looking for Roof Repair?

PPC Roofers Roofing CompanyIt’s pretty amazing how much digital marketing and advertising has evolved in recent years. Still, while the field of video ads continues to become more expansive and complex, traditional ads through Google’s PPC program are still among the highest ranked ads when it comes to locally targeting new clients and improving the reputation and online exposure of roofing companies.


When it comes to targeting local customers in need of roof repair, PPC ads can be more efficient for short term projects as part of the SEO for roofers regimen, especially to get people interested in your roofing company when they are looking for emergency roofing services. Many people turn to Google to find a roofer fast when their roof is damaged by a storm, for example. As a result, mentions regarding storm damage and hail damage will likely work well as keywords used for your Google PPC ads.


Other PPC platforms aside from Google can also be used equally as well to find local internet users. However, only Google can generally offer the kind of exposure and the ability to connect you with new clients that will actually show clearly on your profit sheet. If you hire an expert to take care of your PPC campaign for you, then your results should be even better, and you should gain a lot of new clients within a very short time.

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The Power of Google Ads to Get Your Roofing Service Known Online

How we can help you roofing business advertising seo services


Starting an ad campaign can always be a problematic prospect. However, with Google ads you’ll not only enjoy a much easier process of getting your ads up faster, but also an excellent tool for locally targeting your roofing business’ future prospects and clients with great accuracy. Here are just a few of the benefits Google ads can offer:


  • Google is currently the most powerful and popular digital platform in the world, and gaining access to Google ads is, as a result, a highly effective strategy in instantly gaining more exposure and starting to make your company more well-known.
  • As a roofer, you can benefit from Google’s PPC ad campaigns to a significant extent, since they are designed to be very effective for local targeting and for helping brick and mortar businesses and a great component to your roofing SEO services. All you’ll need is a good keyword research initiative to track down and use the most effective keywords for your campaign.
  • Combining Google ads with newsletters, organic SEO and other social media ads will definitely pay off in the long run. Google ads will help you really put your business on the map and consolidate the marketing power that all the other methods of promotion will offer you. It’s likely through Google that most of your new clients will find you, and you’ll find that a good ad campaign using Google ads will be one of the best method for building up your image.

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Would Roofing Marketing and SEO Be a Profitable Investment for Your Local Roofing Company?

Did You Know Roofing SEO Marketing Contractor Online Help

One of the more important things to keep into account when you want to expand your roofing business and promote your company is the use of a viable marketing and SEO strategy. SEO (search engine optimization) is a method of promotion that not many roofers knew about in the past, but continues to become more and more popular as time goes by. As such, a combination of specialized roofing marketing methods and SEO methods that are distinctively useful for promoting brick and mortar companies should be considered for any roofing business that wants more exposure.


As you might have already heard, hiring an SEO company such as Roofing Contractor Marketing will not cost you a lot of money, and it’s one of the most efficient ways to promote your business online. SEO companies work hard to learn all about the newest algorithms used by search engines and use that knowledge to the advantage of their clients – either through regular content creation and keyword research, or through the use of complex software and analytics tools designed to give you the edge over your competitors.


For most roofing businesses, SEO needs to be combined with social media marketing, PPC marketing, specialized roofing blogs and some form of email marketing. While you can hire a separate service for each of these, most experts will recommend you to simply hire a single SEO company that specializes in roofing marketing, so they can take care of everything for you.

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How Does Local Marketing Work for Roofers?

Know How SEO Roofing Principles

Traditional, local marketing methods are still great for businesses such as roofing companies, that operate mainly in a specific localized area. These methods can include anything from knocking from door to door, to crafting complex TV ads that are aired on local channels during commercial time.


Of course, some local marketing methods are more expensive than others, but for many roofers they are worth it. They can reach locals who need their roof fixed immediately or who have to replace their roof before selling or after buying a house. Business owners might also prefer a professional commercial roofing company that is able to invest in TV and newspaper ads simply because it gives them more credibility as an established, local company or contractor.


The combination of local marketing with newer methods for locally targeted SEO roofing strategies, ad campaigns and online marketing campaigns can be a great additional idea for improving local marketing efficiency and cutting the costs you would have to cover as part of your local marketing campaign.


Most roofers can benefit a lot from an online presence, and these days having a website and promoting it through SEO and internet marketing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. If you fail to comply with it, your conventional marketing methods might not be enough to help you compete with some of the best roofers in your area, who might not offer services as good as yours, but will still get ahead because they invested in hiring a dependable and knowledgeable SEO specialist to help them out.

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Why Should You Opt for Facebook and Google Ads?


When you’re trying to promote your business online, regular organic SEO methods can only take you so far. Other methods are often needed as part of your roofing SEO services, such as e-mail marketing and social media marketing campaigns that can provide you with a more targeted means of conveying your message to specific demographics of people and a better give and take when it comes to communicating with your clients and prospects.


Facebook and Google ads have come a long way in the past few years. These days they are far more efficient at conveying your message as well as easier to customize. Facebook ads in particular make excellent use of video tools that can provide you with a means to create professional looking ads and unleash them on the social media giant to take your message and promote your business to a lot of people.


With google ads, the advantage is SEO. Most businesses that have a clear selling point and a well-defined funnel for turning their prospects into clients can make good use of a PPC (pay per click) Google ad campaign, and Google will provide them with the perfect tools to tweak and customize their campaigns and find the best keywords that will help bring them a lot of interested leads and new customers.

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