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What Are the Best Ways to Be Found on Google as a Roofer?

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A lot of people turn to Google and other search engines when looking to find a roofer. Let’s face it, you can’t have almost any kind of business that doesn’t require at least some online promotion. As a result, trying to promote yourself on Google has become extremely essential and relevant.


So, how do you do it? Well, there are a few ways you can try without doing anything too special or expensive:


  1. Set up your own blog, do some keyword research on the roofing niche, and start writing SEO blog posts to promote yourself and aim to rank high in Google at the same time.
  2. Check your competitors – such as roofing companies that are ranking high for your area in Google – and see what keywords they use alongside the names associated with your local area. Locally targeted SEO is extremely important for a brick and mortar company such as that of a roofing expert.
  3. Use a responsive blog or website to target both organic and mobile searches. Also, make sure that you link your social media pages to your blog or website, and that you enter your service in a few local directories.


Aside from all this, you can also think about hiring a professional roofing SEO Company to help you set up a more comprehensive promotional strategy. That way, the entire process will be a lot easier, and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

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