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Tips to Generate Leads from Google

SEO lead generation for roofers

The term lead is used for the people who have expressed some sort of interest in your products or services and are likely to become your customers, therefore your SEO for roofers lead generation is the important task in any online marketing campaign. Here are some efficient tactics to use:

  • Start with your website – your lead generating efforts will attract visitors to your website, but if the content that they find there is not attractive or relevant for them, they will not convert into customers. Revise your website and make any necessary improvements to make sure that your leads will find what they are looking for when they visit your site;
  • Use lead magnets – the term is used for small gifts offered to your visitors if they agree to provide you their e-mail address. The gifts you offer can be free PDF files that provide help for a problem that the members of your target groups are commonly faced with, they can be e-books or reports, but you can also use contests, coupon codes or promotional offers;
  • Use social media – social networking platforms are great for generating organic leads, by attracting visitors who can become your long-terms customers. Be prepared that establishing a really strong social media presence for your company takes plenty of attention and it does not happen overnight either.
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