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The Secret Behind Video Marketing

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Video is among the most efficient channels used by marketers today, a tool that engages user attention for the duration of the clip and efficiently creates contact between the marketer and the customer. Here are some secrets to creating high-quality, convincing video materials and to using the materials efficiently:

  • Tell a story – there is no better way to get close to others than to tell a relevant story about yourself. Your story, accompanied with compelling images and graphics, will allow you to connect to your targeted audience and to encourage communication;
  • Raise attention during the first few seconds – you have only about 8 seconds to convince the viewer of your video to continue watching, so use that time wisely. You can use that time to provide an overview of what the rest of the video will contain;
  • Use social media to reach out to more people – social networking platforms are excellent for distributing your video content and for maximizing your reach. Most platforms allow you to customize the group that can see your video, so use that feature, too;
  • Prepare a video that is compelling with the sound off, too – many users view video materials on mute, so use graphics and easy to understand images in your videos.

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