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Social Media Is an Under-Used Tool for Roofing Contractors

Tactics For Roofing SEO And Social Media Marketing

Many roofers tend to dismiss the inclusion of social media into their online marketing mix, saying that advertising on these platforms requires too much work, time and attention. While this is certainly true to some extent (to maintain efficiency, social media profiles need to be refreshed regularly with new content), the outstanding benefits of using social media along with roofing SEO tactics for advertising your roofing services surely outweigh the difficulties. Here are some tips for you leverage the perks of using social media profile for your company:

  • Create a plan – determine the goals that you want to achieve with your social media presence and come up with a schedule of when, how and on what channels you want to post. Find out about your target groups habits of using specific platforms and time your posts for when your content can reach out to the highest number of followers;
  • Use visual materials – pictures and videos make great posts, especially when you don’t have the time to write a lengthier post;
  • Post educative content and engage your audience directly – hosting a live questions and answers session is a great way to establish yourself as a roofer who is not only knowledgeable of his trade, but also willing to help others.


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