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SEO Keywords and How They Work

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SEO keywords are the words and phrases used in your online contents that help internet users find your website when they are looking for the type of information, products and services that you provide. SEO stands for search engine optimization, the process of identifying the keywords that internet users enter into their browser to find products and services like yours and telling the search engine that you are using those keywords.

The SEO process should start with hiring Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver to identify the most efficient keywords to be added to your digital contents – there are numerous digital tools that you can use to select the right terms. When you have a set of great keywords, you can start creating informative, relevant and original content around them, then you should continue by publishing the content that you have created on your website and on other platforms of choice, such as article websites and social media. The next phase is keyword indexing – the process of tagging your keywords to tell search engines that you are using those terms. When an internet user enters a search term into a browser, the search engine will return a list of webpages considered a match for the user’s search, one of the most important criteria used by the search engine to rank the results pages being the presence of the right keywords in the website’s content.

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