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Roofing Google Ads – Best Practices

Best Practice Roofing SEO Steps Advertising

In case you are searching for ways to improve your roofing Google ads, there are some excellent SEO roofing practices for you to apply to guarantee the success of your efforts.

For instance, a good idea may be to use a landing page instead of your website. A dedicated landing page can make it easier for you to customize and quantify the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Moreover, the user can thus land on an optimized page with relevant content and messaging.

We need to note that it is highly recommended that you use a landing page for all the services you offer. You can even create ad groups for specific services you are offering, such as installing new roofs or fixing damaged ones.

When building a roofing landing page, you should remove the main navigation. Including a clear-cut call to action is also essential. Thus, you can include things such as “make an appointment” or “call now.” Using powerful visual elements is also quite effective when attracting potential customers to your business.

Another thing not to leave out is to include information about your services and pricing. Using accreditations on your landing page is also very efficient for drawing positive attention.

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