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Is Roofing Marketing a Thing of the Future?

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We are all aware that the environment of digital marketing is constantly evolving. The tendencies in some areas, nevertheless, have become much more apparent recently.

Let’s examine two of the most significant trends for the upcoming years. They will influence how you approach digital marketing and guide your decision-making when it comes to utilizing technology to market your roofing company.


Mobile-focused marketing strategy

Instead of utilizing desktop computers, more and more individuals are relying on smartphones and tablets, so the primary motivation for producing content for mobile devices ought to be this.

Basically, the “responsiveness” aspect of the website needs to be addressed. It is crucial to employ a “responsive” design for your website and app, so that users of all devices can easily access the material you provide.

Another tool that makes it possible for content to load significantly faster on smartphones and tablets is AMP (accelerated mobile pages).


AI’s involvement in digital marketing

There are already several industries that use artificial intelligence (retail, banking, healthcare, etc.). The use of AI as a powerful marketing tool is also common nowadays and a good tool to use as part of your roofing SEO services.

Not only does artificial intelligence automate basic tasks (e.g., reporting website traffic) but it can also recommend keywords to optimize organic positioning. What’s more, algorithms can pinpoint the user base that could drive conversions in the future, considering their previous purchases and browsing history.

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