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How to Build Online Trust as a Roofer and Improve Your Online Recognition

Building Trust With Online SEO Roofing

The first thing you have to consider when it comes to starting to build online trust and a viable online presence is who your audience might be. You’ll need to create a detailed profile of the people you want to sell your services to – such as focusing mainly on upper and middle class individuals or families who own a house and/or a business, who have an income that allows them to afford your SEO roofing services, and who are typically open to the idea of looking online to find local services like roof repair or replacement.


Implied is also the fact that your promotion campaign will have to be locally targeted. Now, in order to do this right, you can’t just simply slap the name of the city or area you operate in on your articles and include general roofing content. You will have to address the specific issues that people are interested in solving – such as the problem of choosing the right type of cool roof for a hot area like Texas or Arizona.


Finally, building online trust is done through an interactive online presence. This means you not only create or provide helpful content people can view or read, but you also have to read their feedback (especially on social media) and provide them with answers and the opportunity to discuss their roofing problems with you – both online and face to face.

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