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How Should You Go About Merging Your Duplicate Social Media Pages?

Merging Roofers Social Media SEO

Depending on the type of social media account you have, merging separate pages for business purposes may be possible. As long as you’re the owner or admin of the social media pages in questions, some platforms will allow you to quickly and easily merge your accounts and add followers from an obsolete page to the one you want to continue using.


Sometimes, merging social media pages is necessary. If the mission and scope of your business changes, for instance, you might want to create an entirely new social media page and scrap all the old content you had on the previous one. To do that, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you through their customer support. As you request the merge, a representative will analyze your social media pages and help you get the process finished in no time.


Unfortunately, not all social media platforms support this type of change. On Twitter and Instagram, if you want to switch to a new page, you’ll have to set the old one as private, then adjust your bio to redirect people to your new account page, and possibly make announcements on your other platforms or even create a short YouTube video explaining the change and including a link to your new account in the video description.  For some of the best SEO for roofers look to the professionals.

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