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How Roofing Marketing Can Target Customers Specifically Looking for a Roofer

roofing contractor marketing increase client base


Promoting your roofing service might seem like an easy task. However, with the new technology available to roofing companies in your area, and with the growing number of roofers promoting themselves, the competition itself can make things very difficult, to say the least. Fortunately, the same tools available to them can also be used by you to boost your online recognition, find new clients, increase your branding exposure and ultimately grow your profits to an impressive extent.


Of course, online marketing from Roofing Contractor Marketing can help you drive traffic to your website or social media page, and it can assist you in getting more well-known. But how can advanced roofing marketing help you target specifically the people in your area that are most likely to search for your service?


Local roofing SEO combined with PPC and Google My Business Optimization, as well as with the use of social media marketing, can offer a definite answer to that question. PPC is an excellent tool for targeting specific local keywords used by people to search for roofing services, and local organic SEO targets organic searches and mobile searches linked to specific keywords, such as “[your location] roofing services.”


By targeting these keywords through content marketing, social media hashtags and Google My Business optimization for local ranking, you can effectively build a local following that rivals that of even the most well-established and popular roofing services in your area.

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