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How Important Is It to Find a Roofing Marketing Company in the Same State?


, Roofing Contractor Marketing

You are comparing offers from two roofing marketing companies, and one looks more attractive than the other. But there’s a hitch: the company is located in another state than your business. Here is why you should hire the company in your state, even if it means paying more money:


  1. They Know the Local Market

Consumers have different expectations and respond differently to the same marketing messages in various US states. What a resident of Colorado will find a good selling point for a roof is not the same as what a resident of Texas would respond to. You need a marketing company that understands demographic and behavioral signals from customers in your area, not a different state.


  1. They Have Strong Media Connections

A marketing company usually establishes collaborations with media companies. They know the viewership/readership for different magazines, websites, TV and radio channels. Thus, they know how to select the best placements for your ads, so that they reach people who are interested in your products and services.


  1. You Will Get More Attention from a Dedicated Contact Person

A local marketing agency like Roofing Contractor Marketing will assign a person to keep in touch with you and be available for discussions even on a short notice. Large companies that work with out of state companies cannot give you the same attention and dedication. Plus, if they are on the opposite seaboard, you will also have to deal with time zone issues.

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