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How Important Are Your Reviews When Considering LSA Listings?

SEO services important reviews from clients

After the many failures of pay-per-click ads, LSA (local service advertising) has become one of the most popular forms of advertising on the internet. While they still cater to businesses, these ads no longer require business owners to pay whenever someone clicks on them. As a result, the risk has been diminished quite significantly. Instead of paying per click, you pay per lead, which essentially means that you don’t have to get any transfers ready until a customer actually contacts you.


As the name suggests, LSA ads primarily cater to businesses that look for local customers. That means they have to be locally targeted. Since they aim for providing you with leads, therefore, it is essential that you take proper care of your company’s online reputation. Anyone who finds your ad should be able to link it with a reputable source and a service that is known to provide good quality.


It is natural then that any reviews that might be written online about your company will become extremely important and can be apart of the roofing SEO services you will need. If your business has a lot of negative reviews, then potential customers could still click on your ads, but they will be significantly more suspicious of your activities. So it’s highly possible that you’d have to pay for your LSA ads, only to have your customer walk in and out of your shop without buying anything.


To avoid all that, make sure you take proper care of your business’ image and address past clients posting negative reviews, providing them with proper customer support so that they may later recognize your company’s value and possibly even edit their posts to give you a glowing review.

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