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Google Reviews and Why They Matter

roofing seo reviews

Google Reviews is an integrated feature of Google Maps and Google My Business to allow internet users to publish their reviews of local businesses, telling about their experiences of using the products or services offered by the local business reviewed. The reviews received by your business will often be the first source of information for your potential new customers, so here is how and why your Google reviews are important for the success of your business:

  • Good reviews will improve your ranking on the search engine and help with the overall roofing SEO outcome – your Goggle reviews will have an impact on your website’s local search engine ranking, good rankings increasing your site’s exposure and visibility;
  • Good reviews increase trust toward your business – certain audiences consider online reviews to be more trustworthy and more relevant than recommendations from friends and family members, so they will probably choose businesses that get good reviews on the search engine;
  • Good reviews will encourage the decision to purchase your products and to use your services – many people looking for products or services online already have preferences, so what they need is help with the decision to choose between two or three products. These people will strongly rely on Google reviews, choosing the business that gets better reviews.
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