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Generate Your Own Leads Or Pay For Leads

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Basically, anyone who finds out about a product or service that catches their attention is considered a lead. But a lead is not (yet) a customer! A lead is any person who is transformed from a stranger, into a person who knows your business, buys from it, is interested in it and promotes it.

Many people think that the more leads you have, the better, which is true but only to a certain extent, because it is only a general strategy. There are businesses like expensive coaching for which the number of leads does not matter so much; what matters is their quality which translates into higher chances of a lead to become a customer.

Many marketers choose to create their leads in an artificial way, so they often purchase them. But this is not necessarily a good solution! Those people do not represent your audience, and if that didn’t convince you not to go further with the money invested, think that this approach is not too ethical either.

But the lead generation process is a difficult one nowadays, precisely because of the abundance of information, which makes the potential customer to ignore more and more of the advertising messages they are bombarded with. So in order to get leads, you need a well-thought-out strategy from https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/ to get you to the potential customer before they already made a purchase decision.

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