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10 Questions You NEED to Answer Before Writing SEO Content

Creating content for SEO can seem like a daunting task but asking yourself a few questions before you begin writing can help make the process easier and increase the quality of your content. Of course, an even easier way is to hire the SEO experts at Roofing Contractor Marketing and let them handle your SEO so you can get back to running your business. If you want to go it alone answering these ten questions can help put you on the right track to creating content that fits your brand and business.

The ‘10 Essential’ questions you need to answer before creating a style guide

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  1. Mission: What is the brand’s mission?
  2. Words: What key taglines, words, phrases, tenses or perspectives are used and associated with this brand?
  3. Purpose: What is the purpose for the content?
  4. Audience: Who is the focus audience, and what are they like?
  5. Solution: What is the problem the audience is facing, and how is this content a solution to that problem?
  6. Tone: What kind of tone does this brand convey, and how does that resonate with the audience?
  7. Style: What style of writing does this brand use?
  8. Organization: How does this brand organize its content? Does data support this approach?
  9. Platform: What platforms will be used to drive traffic to this content?
  10. Conversions: What kinds of conversions are we trying to make through the content?

Having answers to these questions for your own brand will both help you understand the brand better and communicate it with the people you work with, particularly writers.

If you don’t know these essentials, it’s likely that your content will fall flat. SEO and competitor analysis is not enough to go on when it comes to cultivating a message that truly resonates with the focus audience. In other words, it just won’t sell.

Note: If you are struggling to answer these questions, I suggest looking into the concept of the Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) or Persona. Developing these descriptions will help you paint a clear picture of what the brand’s audience looks like, what they want and need and what message relates to them best.

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