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“So What’s Your Plan?”

marketing_strategyMarketing strategy is about planning the year ahead and now is the time to get your strategy together. It’s surprising how few Roofing Contractors actually have a marketing plan. Most folks just go with the best sales pitch of the day and see what works.

We know that the successful companies that seem to grow year in year out, good economy or bad economy have a plan. They develop goals, budgets, assess the competition, consider the messaging, the offerings/incentives, the marketing calendar, the advertising mix, and more. The strategy is developed based on information from the past, economic considerations, growth from the year prior, growth goals for the year ahead and expert advice from people who know. All of these factors are considered and worked together to formulate the plan of attack on business development.

RCM brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and tactical execution to the planning table. We understand the reality of business ownership, the reality of the economy and the competition. We also have first hand reconnaissance of battles going on across the country. Having professional guidance and execution of your marketing strategy and tactics is extremely valuable to a roofing company owner on many levels:

  • We are a resource for advice and guidance during the planning process
  • We handle all the execution, ensuring a great launch, effective creative and competitive pricing for expensive media
  • We save you a lot of time and guess work crafting a great marketing plan
  • You can secure RCM to be an exclusive resource to you in your market
  • We are taking the best solutions from each market to fine tune each RCM clients campaigns
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