Hail Storm Alerts, Reports, Hail Maps

HailWATCHRoofing Contractor Marketing has teamed up with “Hail Watch” to provide our clients with the best hail maps and Hail storm tracking technology in the business.

The HailWATCH TM delivers highly accurate real-time hail and wind reports via cell phone, iPad,fax or email. Our roofing clients use HailWatch TM to find out exactly where the large hail has fallen – so they get a jump on the competition! All reports include city population, housing data, and much more!

HailSWATH TM is the proprietary technology product that provides roofing companies with an extremely targeted and accurate hail map of exactly where large hail fell during any storm that occurs in the United States. HailSWATH TM saves our clients thousands of dollars by targeting ONLY the areas hit by hail. The HailSWATH reports can be ready within 48 hours of a storm. When you combine the HailSWATH map with RCM storm marketing campaigns and expertise, you will have a serious competitive advantage over other companies working the storm!

  • Proprietary methodology analyzes the entire storm path and plots the SWATH using exclusive weather expertise.
  • HailSWATH TM is displayed using Google Maps through your own on-line secure site.
  • Standard delivery occurs within 48 hours.

HailWATCHThe Hail Storm report displays two specific SWATHS, one for estimated hail greater than .75? and one that includes estimated hail greater than 1.75?. We also plot all official storm reports that are gathered during and immediately following the storm.

Get the Inside Track on every Hail storm in the country! Call us today for more information. Call 888-474-7276.

HailSWATH TM was designed for maximizing the efficiency of your business plan with a new or old Hail Storm area. Target your advertising with our custom marketing packages including Internet marketing, direct mail, telemarketing and door hanger canvassing campaigns. Order our lead generating marketing services such as Hail-SEARCH Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing packages, Hail-MAIL TM direct mail, Hail-LEADS TM telemarketing services and Hail-HANGERS and get discounts on your SWATHS!

HailSWATHTM is THE way to track hailstorms anywhere in the US. Reports are delivered as a link in Google Maps with a detailed analysis by one of our meteorologists. Typically, reports are compiled within 48 hours of your order. The report plots hail reports and plots the swath of .75? hail and the swath of 1.75? hail. This is the perfect tool for locating the exact coverage area when a storm moves through a large city, but only drops large hail on part of the city.

Our user-friendly interface with Google Maps allows our clients easy navigation through areas of interest. Data is overlaid on top of Google Maps, permitting street-level zooming for precise determination of hail size with a thunderstorm event. Storm reports from weather observers, collected by the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center, are superimposed on top of the HailSWATH TM at their respective location as a verification tool for our meteorologists and clients.

If you are serious about taking advantage of the next big hail storm, you need this product to alert you and you need RCM to help you generate the most leads possible EARLY. Call us for more details on how you can take advantage of our storm alert and Hail Storm Leads marketing services.

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