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SEO Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Promote a Roofing Service

Do's Don'ts SEO Roofing Avoid Mistakes


SEO is a young specialization with a history of about 20 years. In such a short period of time, a lot of myths have already appeared about promoting a site in search engines, about secrets and SEO optimization mistakes.

Most of the time, the limited budget allocated to a brand that makes timid steps towards the online environment is the real reason that prevents business owners from opting for related analysis & performance marketing services before sketching and launching their project in the digital environment.

If you are trying to promote your roofing service, here’s what SEO roofing content marketing mistakes you should avoid in order to have a good digital start:

Duplicate content

Out of haste or lack of budget allocated to SEO copywriting services, some entrepreneurs opt for duplicate content. This strategy entails negative effects (even a penalty from Google’s search engine) and can be hard to fix after the site is indexed.

Erroneous indexing settings

Whether you omit indexing the site altogether, allow indexing of pagination or tags and categories, these initial settings affect how the website performs in the SERP.

Lack of metadata and HTML configurations

Each page in the website (or category & product in the store) must have several key elements that convey its message to the Google search engine: Title (H1), subtitle (H2), metadata: meta-description and SEO title. Without these elements, the search engine finds it difficult to associate a message with your page.

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Is the Design of Your Roofing Website Important for SEO?

SEO for roofers website design matters


You probably already know how much a website matters to your roofing business and that it is absolutely essential to have it. However, it is not about having any website, but an efficient one! Is it responsive? Intuitive? Is it SEO optimized for search engines? All these aspects matter to your clients and implicitly to your business.

Is website design important for SEO?

UX is the acronym for User Experience, and UI is short for User Interface. It’s about making a simple-to-use website. So simple that users do not even realize that, for the 2-3 actions they take to get where they want, there is probably someone who has worked for months.

There are a few SEO for roofers aspects that you should take into account when evaluating UX and UI:

  • Is it easy for the user to navigate the site and find the information?
  • When browsing the page, the elements are arranged in such a way that they do not encounter errors and can easily press the buttons?
  • Does the page have a modern look?
  • Is the combination of images + text the right one? (keep in mind that, although people need information, too much text can push them away).

A modern website can bring you extra sales, because your pages will be indexed higher in search engines and your organic traffic will increase.

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Is Roofing SEO Really Necessary for Promoting Your Roofing Company Locally?

Roofing SEO Strategy Business Today


Every day, millions of people are looking for various products or services that can be purchased in their area. Your roofing business is among those that interact with local customers, so it is important to consider the local SEO strategy. Even if nowadays, the promotion methods and techniques are countless, local SEO services occupy a significant place.

Local SEO is a promotion tactic that directly helps promote services or products to local or regional consumers, who are much more likely to become your customers. The basic rule in local SEO says that the success rate is higher if a website has a physical address attached and presents its local benefits, in a dedicated page.

In order to promote a local business correctly and get the best results, several roofing SEO optimization techniques are required, namely:

On-page optimization

This includes various elements such as: meta elements; creating a page that contains customer reviews; creating a blog related to your business; correct completion of NAP, a very good loading speed of the site both on desktop and mobile, etc.

Off-page optimization

The first step to be done is to enroll your roofing business in Google My Business. This involves creating the account and adding the necessary information. Besides Google My Business, it is very important to promote your roofing business on social networks as well.

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Does Your Roofing Company Need an Elaborate SEO-Optimized Website?

SEO Optimized Website Roofing Contractor Marketing

A SEO optimized website can be an excellent roofing marketing strategy. In this respect, Google Analytics can be a valuable tool for discovering how your website is doing: audience demographics, performance, etc.

Creating content based on relevant keywords is another amazing SEO technique. Using headers and organizing your content in such a way that it is easy to read and follow is also extremely important for obtaining the desired results.

Another major detail which goes hand in hand with SEO is to ensure the fact that your website is mobile-friendly. That is because customers may not have a laptop on hand when they decide that they need roofing services.

Optimizing existing pages is also a good idea. You can do that after checking which pages perform well and which ones may be in need of improvement. Optimizing all the photos is also very important for the SEO strategies that you decide on employing.

Another area which may benefit from improving is that of the on-page SEO factors. This may include meta-descriptions, URL structure, and so on.

For one thing, Google Analytics can be of great help also by telling you where your customers are coming from. Understanding how your competition functions by talking with https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/ is also essential.

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Avoiding Common Mishaps When Using Digital Marketing to Promote a Roofing Company

Roofing SEO Strategy Steps To Take

The capacity to properly install, repair and maintain roofs is only part of a successful roofing business. Having a good SEO roofing strategy is another major thing to be taken care of. And there are certain common mishaps that should be avoided when using digital marketing for promoting a roofing enterprise.

For one thing, going for the lowest bid may not be the best idea. Thus, you should find prices that can stress the idea of good quality products and services. You should explain the fact that, although you may not have the cheapest services on the market, you make no compromises as far as quality is concerned.

Another commonly encountered mistake is when a roofing company fails to use what differentiates them from their competitors. For example, your team may be experts in green roofs, or in storm-damaged roofs.

Not keeping up with the latest as far as marketing trends are concerned is another error that many roofing companies can make. And another mishap can occur when roofers fail to acknowledge the great power of reviews and references. The good old “word of mouth” is still one of the most powerful tools for promoting any kind of business, and roofing makes no exception.

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