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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Roofing Business

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Promoting your roofing business might seem like a difficult endeavor. However, you have to remember that with all this technology available, you have a better opportunity than any roofer in history to make it big and attract more clients.


Social media is a big part of the marketing campaigns and promotional efforts that roofers should get acquainted with. You’ll find that there are a large number of different options for using the largest and best social media platforms to your advantage:


  • Build a solid and transparent profile/page that will allow you to connect with possible clients and is oriented towards solving their issues.
  • Get involved! Don’t wait around for local customers to somehow find your social media page or you’ll be waiting for a long time. Use groups and comment on posts providing insight based on your roofing expertise and try to actually talk to people in a more personal and engaging way.
  • Pay someone to create picture and video content unique to your roofing company. You’ll find that custom video ads can be invaluable on a platform like Facebook, and images will work very well on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Combine your social media campaign with a working SEO campaign to drive more people to your website and gain greater exposure overall.  You can also have your business promoted by a roofing SEO company to gain all of the above benefits as well.

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Is Google My Business Optimization Difficult?

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Google My Business (GMB) is an extremely helpful service that you can use to promote your business over the internet. Whether you own a business that sells online products, or a brick and mortar store or contracting business that installs siding and roofing products, there is a lot you will be able to gain through the use of an advanced service for Google My Business optimization.


The idea is simple: you provide information about your business, and GMB opens the door to new avenues through which internet users are able to find out more about your business.


Of course, the optimization process is less straightforward than that, and depending on the specific details of your business, it can actually get pretty complicated. Some information might be more important to add in your case than others. Also, a lot of the information you add will be more helpful if you have an actual physical location and you’re targeting a specific local demographic.


At the end of the day, you might find GMB optimization to be somewhat more difficult than it’s worth spending time on. That is why, to avoid wasting your valuable time and still get the benefits that GMB optimization can offer, experts will recommend that you hire a dependable marketing and SEO roofing specialist to help inform you, guide you and provide you with the right support and services to fully optimize your Google My Business account.

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Should You Get Roofing SEO as a Sole Roofer?

What Should I Do Roofing SEO Marketing Choosing Right

Using SEO is useful whether you own a large company, or you’re a sole roofer. Unfortunately, not all individual roofing contractors make enough money to hire an expensive roofing marketing service, and some prefer to cut corners on their marketing plans. The result of this can lead to fewer jobs and less profit.


If you want to expand your roofing business and become more efficient and successful, it’s important to consider saving some cash and investing in a professional roofing SEO service. Of course, while it depends on you how much you’re willing and able to work and how many roofing projects you can accept per week, most experts will agree that there has to be a kind of balance between spending money on marketing and accepting a lesser exposure for your business.


However, in general it is recommended that you hire a professional from Https://, since it will take a lot of the marketing work off your hands and free up your time so you can deal with new clients calling in. Also, by getting search engine exposure, you will easily open your business up to new avenues of expansion, and you’ll soon find that your profits will allow you to hire skilled technicians that can help you with the more complicated jobs.

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What Should Roofing SEO Specialists Ask from a Commercial Roofer?

ask the right questions roofing seo company answers

Although many commercial roofing experts know their trade and are very skilled at what they do, it can be difficult to promote their services without the help of a dependable roofing SEO company professional. But how do you know that the SEO company you hire can actually help you as a roofer?


One of the ways SEO professionals gather information is by asking questions. You’ll find that you can learn a lot about the expertise of an SEO service provider, not just by making your own inquiries, but even simply by answering the questions they put to you:


  • They may ask you about the size of your company, your specialization and the location you cater to. This is a good sign, as it shows that they already know a good deal about the need for promoting your company in local searches and how to go about starting that.
  • It might sound like a red flag if your SEO expert asks you to set up a website or buy paid social media ads. However, these methods, combined with tools like Google My Business, actually work very well together with a good SEO campaign, and they’re far cheaper when compared to other methods of local promotion, such as TV and newspaper ads.
  • They could also ask questions about how you deal with clients, what special offers you have and whether or not you can focus on both commercial and residential roofing. Such details will usually help them create a clearer profile for your company that will allow them to target your audience and specific SEO keywords more efficiently.

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How SEO for Roofers Differs from Regular Search Engine Optimization

SEO Monitoring Roofers Roofing Company Marketing

In the case of regular search engine optimization practices, you have a business that’s being promoted online, but the business itself might not even have an actual, physical location. If you’re selling products, providing online consulting services or creating internet courses for people trying to learn a certain skill, chances are your SEO promotion will be somewhat more vague, and it won’t need to point to a certain location that your clients can visit.


SEO for roofing companies is very different. In these cases, you have to promote yourself as an actual business that is physically bound to a certain area. You can’t operate in Florida if your headquarters are in California, and even if you had a large enough roofing company to do that, your SEO practices associated with your Florida outlet would have to be very different from the one you use on the West Coast.


Another way that SEO for roofers differs from regular SEO is that it has to be more oriented towards demographics that are specifically associated with a certain area. In most cases, you can pick and choose your preferred audience based on your personal preferences, but a roofing professional can’t easily target younger individuals, for example, in an area where more than 70% of the population is over 35. This can make your localized SEO strategy very tricky and require the support of a dedicated and knowledgeable SEO specialist.

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