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Why Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

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Not having a mobile friendly website means missing out on lots of business opportunities – the websites that feature responsive design are more successful, they reach out to more people and are generally considered to be a token of the owner’s interest towards what customers need. Here is why mobile-friendly design is nowadays an essential feature of any good website:

  • People use their mobiles more than their desktop devices – your clients and customers will look for the type of products and services that you offer while they are on their mobile devices, either from home or on the go. Most of them say that they don’t spend more than a couple of seconds on websites that do not display correctly on their device – having to pinch to decrease size or to make your pages readable on their phone screens will make them look for a different provider or supplier, even if your products are superior;
  • Better ranking on search engine results pages – Google prefers the websites that work on mobile devices, too, and rewards responsive design with higher rankings. A better position on SERPs means more visibility for your website and with it, for your products or services as well.  Find out more from Roofing Contractor Marketing in Denver.
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