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Why Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

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The number of internet users who are accessing the world wide web through mobile devices has been higher than the number of users who access the internet through desktop computers for years now. The trend being around for quite some time, it is likely to continue in the future, too, so here are a few reasons why redesigning your website to make it suitable for being used on mobile devices is essential for the success of your business:

  • Mobile phone users buy more – our mobile phones are always with us, they are convenient and of great help, wherever we are. Most mobile phone owners prefer to use their phones for shopping for goods as well as for services – to tap into that immense potential, you need to offer a website that loads quickly and displays perfectly on any device, especially on mobiles;
  • An investment into better website ranking – one of the features used by Google to evaluate websites is the ability to provide a great, cross-platform user experience. Utilizing the services of a roofing SEO company to make your website mobile friendly, you can improve the way it is viewed by the search engine, thus improving the site’s position on results pages;
  • Offering a superior user experience – not providing a responsive interface will quickly send your website visitors to your competitors who do offer the feature, so having a mobile-friendly website is essential for staying competitive.
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