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Why You Should Be Collecting Leads’ Emails

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The methods and channels that you can use in your SEO for roofers digital marketing strategy are varied, email marketing being one of the most efficient components of any mix. Email marketing relies on email leads – the people who share their contact information with you and who accept to receive marketing communication from you. Why these leads are so important because they are the people who have already expressed a positive attitude towards your products or services, therefore the people that you can more easily turn into loyal customers.

Building an efficient email list is not very difficult, but it takes time – here are some tips:

  • Identify your ideal customer and your target group – develop an accurate profile of your buyer persona and tailor your email campaign based on what that ideal persona resonates with;
  • Offer your leads something valuable – it does not have to be something of actual material value; it can also be something that solves a problem that your potential clients might be faced with;
  • Keep your leads engaged – make sure to send emails regularly, but not too frequently. Create engaging, interesting and relevant content for your leads, but don’t overdo it – if your emails are too long or if they are sent too frequently, your leads might lose interest and unsubscribe.
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