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Why GMB Is Important for Your Roofing Business

Roofing SEO Online Tools

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool offered by Google to businesses and organizations with the help of which they can manage their online presence via Google Maps and Searches. The tool is especially useful for small local businesses, such as roofers – here is why it is essential for your roofing business to use the feature:

  • An easy and cost-efficient way to rank high on results pages – using the tool is completely free and creating your business profile is very easy, all you have to do is to enter your company’s details, such as your opening hours, your phone number, your website URL. When your profile comes up in searches, internet users will also see your Google reviews ratings;
  • No need for a separate website – your GMB profile can function as your business website as well. It allows you to provide all the important information that you want to share about your business, you can share photos and you can also track your online performance through the GMB dashboard;
  • Communication made easier – GMB allows you to link your phone number directly, so that your prospective customers can click on the number directly from the search engine results page.  Hiring a roofing SEO company can help your business thrive driving traffic to you through online marketing.
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