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What Should Roofing SEO Specialists Ask from a Commercial Roofer?

ask the right questions roofing seo company answers

Although many commercial roofing experts know their trade and are very skilled at what they do, it can be difficult to promote their services without the help of a dependable roofing SEO company professional. But how do you know that the SEO company you hire can actually help you as a roofer?


One of the ways SEO professionals gather information is by asking questions. You’ll find that you can learn a lot about the expertise of an SEO service provider, not just by making your own inquiries, but even simply by answering the questions they put to you:


  • They may ask you about the size of your company, your specialization and the location you cater to. This is a good sign, as it shows that they already know a good deal about the need for promoting your company in local searches and how to go about starting that.
  • It might sound like a red flag if your SEO expert asks you to set up a website or buy paid social media ads. However, these methods, combined with tools like Google My Business, actually work very well together with a good SEO campaign, and they’re far cheaper when compared to other methods of local promotion, such as TV and newspaper ads.
  • They could also ask questions about how you deal with clients, what special offers you have and whether or not you can focus on both commercial and residential roofing. Such details will usually help them create a clearer profile for your company that will allow them to target your audience and specific SEO keywords more efficiently.
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