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What Is the Best Way to Start Collecting Reviews on Google Customer Reviews?

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If you just got started as an entrepreneur, you will want your business to be appreciated by the right customers and gain a good reputation, not just through your own marketing efforts, but through your clients themselves.  Companies like Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver know how to improve your ratings as well.  It’s good to note that here’s a big difference between a business that just promotes itself and one that is promoted by its customers, as the latter will usually receive a lot more recognition than the former.


Google’s Customer Reviews service is a free service that helps you get valuable feedback from people who have used your products and services. Using it is extremely easy. You simply have to sign into your Google Merchant account, select the “Merchant Center Programs” in the upper right corner, then click on “Get Started” in the part where it says “Customer Reviews.” The setup is straightforward, and you’ll soon be able to collect your Google customer reviews without any problem.


Some of the best practices regarding the use of Google Customer Reviews includes rewarding your clients and employees for writing reviews about your company and products, sharing reviews on social media channels, doing market research about the main preferences of your customers and making sure you include your reviews and testimonials on the main pages of your website.

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