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What Is the Best Way to Respond to Reviews?

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Reviews are oftentimes the backbone of a roofing company’s reputation. There’s no better way for people to find out about you than through the praise of one of your past customers or the complaints issued by people who were not satisfied with your work. Whatever the contents of the reviews written about you, they will stick, and people will take them into account when making a choice.


Although you can’t force people to write nice things about you, your response to their reviews will help a lot in deciding whether or not your reputation will improve. For example, if a reviewer only gives your service two stars and complains about a detail that you didn’t take into account, people reading that review may react very differently to it, if you actually responded and asked them politely to contact you, so you can resolve the matter, or if you actually give them an explanation about it right off the bat.


Giving a polite answer, speaking concisely and being prompt and to the point in your answers will matter a great deal. In fact, it will often make the difference between readers perceiving that your service is lacking and the perception that any negative complaints about your service are unsubstantiated.  Be sure to incorporate other roofing SEO services to enhance your presence and reputation.

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