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What Is The Best Way to Ask for a Review?

 Ratings Help SEO Roofers Website

Positive reviews have a powerful influence on Google search results. The most recent Google ranking algorithm takes into account the customer reviews posted on the Google My Business listing of a company.


So, how do you get good reviews? The first step is to ask for them. Here are some ways to do it:


  1. Ask Social Media Followers to Post a Review on GMB

You just got an enthusiastic comment from a follower on your Facebook or Instagram profile. You should thank your follower and ask them to consider leaving a review on your Google My Business profile, as well. Unfortunately, Google does not index social media comments, so they are not really helpful for roofing SEO.


  1. Ask for a Review after You Complete a Job

The best moment to ask for a review is after you hand over a new and modern roof to a happy client. As they thank you for the great job, tell them that you would appreciate if they shared their experience working with your company on your GMB listing.


  1. Don’t Forget About DIY Customers

Some customers buy roof maintenance and repair products from you for minor jobs they can handle on their own. When you send an message confirming that their order is delivered, you should also include a link to your Google My Business profile and ask for a review of your business.

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