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What Is the Best Type of Marketing to Be Used During the Holidays?

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As the holidays are approaching, marketing experts are trying to find the ideal way to promote their companies’ wares and services. Conventional marketing seems to be out, as trends point to internet marketing as the new driving force in the world of marketing and advertising in this day and age. With COVID-19 further pushing for online communications and a shortage of cash that has already convinced smaller companies to consider going digital, the stage is set for online marketing to become the main attraction before this year’s holiday season (and possibly 2021 as well).


While email marketing is still going strong, social media and video marketing are rapidly becoming more popular. People are using Facebook ads and sites like Pinterest as their main guides for finding rare offers, and marketers can definitely leverage that trend.


More “traditional” methods such as article marketing, reviews and forums can also be counted, and of course, there is SEO for roofers and other markets. Despite becoming quite complex, organic search engine optimization and PPC still remain some of the top marketing tools for businesses to not only promote themselves but also to gain valuable intelligence about the success of their campaigns and about some of their main competitors as well.

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