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What is a Google Ranking?

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If you have a website, you have surely wondered how Google decides where to display your website on the search engine results page, in other words, how Google awards the ranking that it awards to your website. The short answer is that the process is handled by Google’s algorithms and its PageRank system, an extremely complex and fast-acting system that starts working whenever an internet user enters a search term and that evaluates websites based on numerous criteria related to the search term.

Search queries being, in fact, short texts, one of the methods used by Google to select relevant results to be displayed to the user is through text-matching, that is, the process of finding the web pages that are relevant for the query. The system uses many other criteria to determine the quality of the contents on the websites it finds for the query – the originality of the content, the links pointing toward the website and many other factors are also taken into consideration.

Google’s ranking system uses not only very complex criteria for evaluation, but also lots of IT resources that allows the system to work extremely fast – the search engine will display an extensive list of results almost instantly after the internet user hits enter to start the query.  For a excellent SEO company visit

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