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What Are 3 of the Biggest Red Flags When You’re Interviewing Marketing Companies?

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Hiring a marketing company has never been easier. In this day and age just about everyone claims to be an expert in SEO and online marketing, and business owners are often duped into believing those claims. While there are many reliable, a great roofing SEO company that help you promote your business, you’ll also find some real red flags when it comes to detecting those that are not at all legitimate:


  1. They could ask for a lot of money for the services they perform, and some of them will even ask for a significant amount in advance. This is not standard practice, so you should definitely be suspicious of their intent. There are many cases when scammers use this technique to get a quick buck and then disappear.
  2. Asking for exaggerated amounts of money in exchange for basic online services is also a common malpractice – especially when they suspect that you don’t know much about computers. When a marketing firm claims that they have the ultimate new marketing technique guaranteed to bring you millions of views and likes on every platform, you should consider it a huge red flag.
  3. Finally, the third red flag is when a marketing company is unwilling to disclose some of their practices. This is usually a bigger problem than just losing a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, since some companies use aggressive or what is known as “black hat” online marketing techniques which can severely damage your company’s reputation.
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