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What Are 3 of the Best Reasons for Roofing Companies to Use LSA Ads?

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If you’re a roofer, choosing the right ad campaign as part of your SEO for roofers marketing plan can be extremely important. LSA ads are now considered to be some of the most inspired types of ads used by brick and mortar businesses throughout the country. These ads will help you a lot, whether you’re just getting started or you already own a reputable business right now:


  1. One of the best reason for using LSA ads is that they are designed especially for brick and mortar businesses such as roofing companies. If you are a roofer, an LSA ad campaign can be adapted to your service quite perfectly, raise awareness about your business’ practices and attract a lot of new customers who will call you or contact your business through your official website.
  2. LSA ads will only require you to pay if a customer actually contacts you. That means you can save a lot of money by using these ads in place of the old PPC ad campaigns. Your investment will be minimal, and if you take proper care of your company’s reputation, you might even gain a new customer almost every time someone contacts you after reading your ads.
  3. An LSA ad campaign can be combined with organic SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and offline ads to create the best combined promotional campaign for your roofing business. People in your area will quickly regard you as a leader in your profession, and your profits can increase exponentially.
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