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Is your Website in Need of a Repair?

Is your Website in Need of Repair?

All roofers know that to complete a job correctly, you need to have the correct tools and they need to be in good working order. You wouldn’t use a broken ladder to climb onto a roof and you shouldn’t use a broken website to market your roofing business.

If your website wasn’t designed properly or hasn’t been refreshed in a few years, you are due for an update. Not updating your website could be costing your roofing business money right now.

Use this checklist to see if your website is underperforming in any critical areas. If your site is underperforming, the expert web development team at Roofing Contractor Marketing understands the roofing industry and can bring your site up to speed.



Your website is often times the first look potential clients get of your business. If they find their way to your page, you don’t want to scare them off by having a site that looks like it was made in 1995. The design should be catchy enough to draw users in but not so flashy that people get lost in the content.



One of the most important metrics for your site performance is how quickly it loads. The longer your page takes to load, the more likely your clients are to go somewhere else. This metric also affects how well your page ranks with Google and Facebook, both sites will penalize your site for loading slower by moving you below your competition.



You won’t know what your clients are going to be viewing your site with—desktop, mobile, tablet—so your site needs to be responsive and optimize its display accordingly. Look at your website on your phone, is it easy to read and navigate through? Does it load quickly on mobile? If not, people are leaving your page before they can convert.



A website should guide the user through the pages of your website in an intuitive way. They need to find the information they are looking for before they knew they were looking for it. Each page should inform them and move them closer to the crucial conversion point. Whether you are looking for them to hit “buy now” or “fill out a contact form” our web team understands how to guide the user through the experience.

At Roofing Contractor Marketing, we know how to build you a better roofing website that drives lead generation for roofing contractors. If you’re concerned that your roofing website is underperforming, click here for a FREE Complete Website Analysis. Our professional team will give you an overview of your site and show you how our team can help your site perform better and bring you more leads.

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