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Videos vs. Still Images – What Works Best in a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

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One might say we’re in a time of transition. While social media used to rely heavily on photos and text, the world of animation and video has barged in and made its home on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some social media platforms even include settings to turn automatic video playing on or off, so that those with weaker computer systems can avoid having their browsers freeze up as a result of running too many videos all at once.


Fortunately, this problem is slowly going away, so social media sites are more and more packed with videos, which also gives marketers and business owners a new opportunity to integrate videos to a greater extent into their social media campaigns.


The question is, should you create marketing campaigns focusing mainly on video, or just stick to the old-school approach of high quality still images and catchy phrases?


While videos won’t play equally well on everyone’s computer or phone, they do have a few great assets: even a short video can get the attention of viewers, and provide a lot more information than a simple photograph ever could.


Moreover, a campaign based on video ads and posts will be helpful when it comes to attracting clients, convincing them of the quality of your brand and products, and getting them to click through to your landing page without hesitation.  They are video’s are helpful with roofing SEO marketing tools too.

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