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Tips for Taking Great Roofing Photos for Social Media

Social Media SEO For Roofers Tips

The key to a successful campaign on social media is diversity – the best way to achieve your goals is by diversifying your posts, sharing not only texts, but visual materials as well. Quality is also essential in SEO for roofers, whatever you decide to share through your social media profile, so here is how take awesome pics of great advertising value for your social media profile:

  • The importance of quality – each social media platform has its own guidelines when it comes to the size, the type and the resolution of the images that you can post on your profile. For best results, make sure to find out and to respect those rules;
  • Make your photos varied – it is a good idea to post not only portfolio photos that show the work you have done for previous clients, but jobsite photos, behind the scene photos, even office photos as well. Diversifying your albums will bring you closer to your audience and will make it easier for potential clients to relate to you;
  • Always edit your photos – never share any content that you have not edited and curated beforehand. Check both the quality and the content and edit the pics if necessary – if you don’t have experience with image editor programs, find online apps that are free and easy to use.
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