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Tips for Creating More Video Content

SEO Roofing Marketing Video

A picture speaks volumes and it is a hundred times true for video content: a short video material, of only a couple of minutes, can be a more convincing tool in your marketing campaign than a thousand ads. In 2019, video materials made up around 80% of all content accessed on the internet and videos are known to generate about 1200% more shares than text content. If you have not used video content in your online SEO roofing marketing campaigns before, here are some tips for you:

  • Use well-formulated titles – make sure they are informative and comprise a maximum of 60 characters (that is the maximum length displayed on video sharing platforms);
  • Add a link to your website – your video description should not be longer than 70 characters and should include the link to your company website;
  • Optimize your videos for mobile devices – smartphones and other mobile devices are today more frequently used for viewing content on the internet. This means that mobile users are an audience that you can’t disregard;
  • Provide a transcript – transcribe your videos and offer the text to your visitors; that way, they can skim through it and decide whether they want to watch your video. Your visitors will appreciate the gesture.
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