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Tips for Communicating Your Business FAQs With Your Customers

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Many businesses consider the FAQ page on their website to be just a page that reduces the workload of their customer support team by answering a couple of questions, but your FAQ page should be much more than that. FAQ pages are great tools for guiding your customers through the entire process of using your services or of buying your products and an excellent tool to build customer loyalty. Here is how to use it right:

  • Use easy to understand, conversational language – try to avoid dry, official language and formulate questions and answers the way you would expect to hear them when your customers are looking for help;
  • Pay attention to the basics – not all your customers are tech-savvy people, so make sure to provide efficient, easy to understand guidance for the entire process of using your website, from signing up to checking out after the purchase;
  • Create a FAQ page that is easy to navigate – organize the questions into topics and categories to make information easy to find for your customers. Make the page easier to use by organizing topics and subtopics horizontally, rather than vertically, that way you can spare your prospective customers from having to scroll down long lists.  Find more ways to be found by customers at https://roofingcontractormarketing.com/.
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