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Things People Look for When on A Roofing Website

SEO For Roofers Campaign Launched

Let’s suppose that you have your roofing website launched, you have developed and implemented a successful SEO for roofers online media campaign and now you have an increasing number of visitors on your website, but you are not sure whether your potential customers get the information they need from your site. Here are some of the things that people look for on a roofing site:

  • Information about the services provided – this is perhaps the most important section, the information that will convince the visitor to continue reading your contents or to leave;
  • Contact details – it is essential to have your phone number, your e-mail address, maybe even the URL of your social media profile displayed on each of your pages. Make sure to add a separate contact page, too, maybe with a map that shows your location;
  • Information about your prices and the process of providing estimates – you can include information about your prices, but you can also ask your visitors to contact you in case they need an estimate. Decide whether you want to offer free estimates – if you do, specify that aspect on your website. It is a good idea to tell your visitors about how you provide the estimates, that is, how long you take to compile one.
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