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The Importance of Having an Updated Google My Business Account

importance SEO roofers update my business

Having a business profile is great, but even with a free profile provided by Google, you won’t have much control over the image and marketing performance of your business on the world wide web. The Google My Business tool was developed specifically for that, so you can effectively boost your business profile’s visibility.


As customers and leads engage with your business profile, you can use your My Business tool to engage with them by enabling direct messages and alerts. You can also use the tool to track real time information about your business and find out all the important details that make your business unique and is some of the best SEO for roofers. Additionally, Google My Business enables you to perform locally targeted SEO to ensure that your business can attract more local customers and you can start making a lot of money.


Keeping track of analytics, reviews and vital insight from customers will help your business grow and improve, and your Google My Business profile is the gateway to achieving that outcome. As such, it is extremely important to keep your profile active and use it to engage with your customers, track down reviews and engage as much and as transparently as possible, so you can enhance your business’ ability to keep track of customers’ needs and also improve its online reputation in the long run.

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