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The Basics of Reputation Management

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Reputation management is the process of learning about the opinions expressed by internet users about a business, institution, individual or organization and taking measures to drive public opinion about that entity in the desired direction.  It adds to the whole picture of SEO for roofers and other markets that strive to gain client satisfaction.

Whenever an internet user enters a search term into a search engine, the search engine will start running an assessment based on extremely complex sets of criteria to determine the order in which relevant websites appear on the results, one of the criteria being the ratings and opinions provided by internet users about the concerned businesses. These complex search engine algorithms will evidently place businesses with good ratings higher on the results page. Online reputation management is the strategy used by businesses to obtain the best possible ratings and to improve the public opinion related to a specific business.

There are lots of efficient strategic approaches to handle the process, the most common ones being responding directly to criticism as well as to praise, issuing official statements, either on the official business website or in online media to clarify a situation that has affected multiple customers. It is also a good idea and a common practice to monitor as much of what gets published about your company as possible.

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