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Should Your SEO Research Include Both Commercial and Residential Keywords?


keywords research commercial residential seo strategy

When researching keywords for an SEO campaign, there are several approach depending on what you need. For PPC campaigns, the research has to be laser targeted to specific areas and audiences that are more likely to use your services. In organic SEO, the approach has more to do with attracting leads and getting your company noticed.


Also, it’s very important to consider what you’re trying to achieve and to keep in mind your business’ overall area of practice as well as the specific niches that you’re trying to rank for.


Commercial keywords work well when you’re investing large amounts into PPC and LSA campaigns that will have you losing money if they don’t bring in a certain volume of new customers. This often happens because of the more high risk and competitive nature of commercial contracting.


If your business caters to local residents and has to do with residential building projects, for example, then your roofing SEO keywords should target this demographic in particular. The idea here is that the practice will likely be less expensive and less high risk, so you can afford a certain degree of relaxation, but not too much of it. Residential projects are still part of an extremely competitive market, so make sure that you discuss that aspect thoroughly with the marketing and SEO company that you choose.

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