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Should You Take Before and After Photos of a Roof Replacement for Marketing?

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Seeing is believing, so the best way to advertise your roofing business is to show potential clients how you work. But how appropriate is it to take before and after photos of a person’s home to show the work you did for replacing their roof? Here are some aspects to consider and can add to the SEO for roofers progress:


  1. Ask for Permission

The first thing you should do is ask the homeowner for permission to feature their new roof in your portfolio of works. In most cases, you will realize that people are more than happy to let you show off the great work you did on your roof, and will even contribute a few words to serve as testimonial.


  1. Remove Any Elements Identifying the Property

You need to protect your customers’ privacy – this is a moral and legal obligation. Thus, if you happen to take a photo that shows the property number, street or any other identification details, you should blur them before posting the photos on your website.


  1. Focus on Detailed Photos of Your Work

The simplest way of avoiding identification of the customer’s home is taking close up photos of the roof. Focus on what makes your workmanship and products special, such as the tile pattern, the sealing of the flashing, or a skylight seamlessly inserted in the roof to give natural light to the room below it.

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