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Should You Sign a Year-Long Contract When You Hire a Marketing Company?

Trust Contract Marketing SEO

This is a question that a lot of growing and medium sized businesses struggle with: “should I get a one-year contract with a marketing or SEO roofing team that I trust?” Of course, if you’ve worked with the company before and you have complete trust in them, then it’s basically a no brainer. You can opt to work together with the company for an extended period of time, and chances are that your results will improve the same way as they did in the past.


However, when it’s a company you don’t know, then asking for a one-year contract can be a bit of a red flag. The issue is that they are a largely unknown company (at least to you), so you haven’t gotten a chance to see them in action. Regardless of how many references they have and how much they promise they can do for you, it’s usually a very good idea to not jump right in.


The best course of action in such situations is to sit back and observe. Sign a short term contract, or discuss a single payment for a single marketing campaign. If it is successful, and the company was able to reach the goals that they’ve set out, then you can consider taking it to the next level. However, jumping right in for a year-long contract with a company that you only know through reputation is never a good idea, as it simply involves too many risks.

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